M ΛTSCH : Five Miles Away

Armed with a mixture of organic rock and hypnotic electronica, M ΛTSCH draws influence from a wide range of inspirations in the post-punk movement. Returning with vibrant new single ‘Five Miles Away’, the track tells the story of a guy who doesn’t have a world of possibilities in front of him.

With no end in sight, the dark track holds a clear metaphor over its head to push through the walls we put ourselves in. With a remarkable take on what sounds like a hard mental health journey, the song sits relatable in today’s society. 

As a whole, it breathes with a concept atmosphere that illuminates the feeling of an anxiety attack perfect. Capturing a darker side to emotions, the gloom filled track fits perfectly with Halloween just round the corner. Only thing I would say to improve on would be to grab the audience’s attention firmly in more to the topic of the track. If you’re into the dark sort of music that can make you think, this is right up your street.

What I like about M ΛTSCH is there’s no holding back and he’s doing something that he clearly loves to do. Featuring a songwriting journey like no other you’ll hear today, Five Miles Away feels close and personal. Being the second single from the artist, at RGM we’re looking forward to hearing how M ΛTSCH progresses.