1.0.8 – Somerset Boys

Written and performed by Andrew Stewart of 1.0.8, ‘Somerset Boys‘ is the type of track to stick on when you’re needing to unwind. One of 12 tracks to be included in 1.0.8’s forthcoming album ‘Devotion’ out early 2022, this spine-tingling single is sincere and something to be proud of.

Incredibly sad yet reassuringly gentle, the track tells the story of the lost generation of young men killed or scarred during the First World War. Something we don’t talk about enough, we remember the fallen and will never forget.

Portraying the final day of an old soldier who has been left feeling scared by the carnage of war, the track is sentimental and illustrates the soldier looking back through his box of photographs to recount his fallen friends, family and horrors. A powerful reminder of how precious time is and to always tell our loved ones how much we care, this bewitching number is a real tear-jerker.

The track may be slightly outdated musically but it still will hit firmly on your heartstrings. Changing perspective, this track feels refreshing compared to the watered-down pop world. A sort of guiding light within the hazy production of mainstream music, Somerset Boys’ is a delicate acoustic number with folk elements radiating throughout it.

If you’re going to listen to this for the first time, I highly recommend you have tissues near you.