10 of the most liked/popular Instagram posts of 2019

Recently Instagram announced that they were no longer going to show the amount of likes on a post which further adds to the long list of disappointing changes the app has made over the years. Firstly, being bought out by Facebook was bad enough, and then they changed the algorithm of posts not being shown in chronological order and now no-one will ever see my exciting pictures of Pop! Vinyl. 

We had a ‘cracking’ start to the year when the most liked picture on Instagram was… an egg. The post randomly appeared with the page asking if this simple picture of the egg could become the most liked Instagram post in order to receive more likes than Kylie Jenner, whose posts have pretty much dominated 2019. Personally I’d happily fill my timeline with pictures of eggs than have to hear about another lipstick or see her child walking around in $50000 clothing. I hope the chicken that laid that egg is very proud. 

Likes: 53.9m 

Whenever any of the Friends cast are seen together the internet seems to lose its mind. After Jennifer Aniston uploaded a picture featuring the six iconic stars of the show which celebrated its 25thanniversary this year it managed to send the internet into a meltdown once again. Speculations of reunion shows always appear from news sites which are quickly passed off by the cast, but what I won’t to ask is, what’s the white substance on the phone near Matthew Perry? ‘The one with the coke binge’.

Likes: 15.4m

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson might just be the hardest working person in film and sports entertainment and his Instagram posts tend to always average 1 million likes with video posts gaining millions of views. Two of his most popular posts of this year feature his two favourite little people. The first being actor Kevin Hart’s Halloween costume of the Rock’s famous 90’s photoshoot (that bum bag wow) and then a tea party with his daughter Jasmine Lia. I can only say good things about the rock and my favourite Instagram uploads are his cheat days with those massive cookies and pancakes. 

Likes: 8.8m

Likes: 7.8m

I had to mention Kylie Jenner as her Instagram account is probably the one with the total most likes with her snaps averaging around 2-3 million. Kylie Jenner could upload a picture featuring a tin of Tesco’s finest beans and rake in at least 2 million likes. I thought I’d pick the one with herself, partner Travis Scott and daughter Stormi dressed as Marvel superheroes. Everyone should be outraged because Iron Man and Captain Marvel would never date. 

Likes: 13.6m 

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happy end game everyone

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One of the most positive moments on Instagram this year came from ‘tentree’ who had the aim of planting a tree for every like their image got! The idea is to tackle the loss of trees in the world in such areas like the Amazon rainforest where vast amounts of land are sold and cut down. Make sure to give this one a like! 

Likes: 15.6m

XXXTentacion became a huge name in rap very quickly as his music and profile blew up on the internet. A man with a dark history filled his life with plenty of controversy and after he was fatally shot whilst outside a motorbike dealership in Florida his final post reached a large amount of likes. Guess it doesn’t matter what you’ve done once you’re dead?

Likes: 17.9m

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Nothing says Cristiano Ronaldo like the man sat on a bunch of rocks in his pants. Forget the football, the records and the athleticism, clearly what makes him the go to man on Instagram are his pants. The image doesn’t present us with too much information like is Ronaldo stranded on those rocks and where is his boat? Is he wearing enough sun lotion, or does he need some sunglasses? The beauty of this picture I think is that you tell the story. 

Likes: 10.2m 

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Who knew eating an avocado could be so popular? Well singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes did just that and pulled in over seven million likes. Is it because his shirt is off and we glorify men for their bodies? Or is it that we just can’t be a damn good avocado? I’ll let you be the judge of that one. 

Likes: 7.1m

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The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones was supposed to be this years biggest and most talked about show. For a while it was and perhaps not always in a positive way as I myself did not enjoy the last couple of episodes and felt almost cheated. Emilia Clarke’s post of the main cast from the show should make us feel happy and in awe at all of the talent there which I guess it does… but I can’t stop thinking about that last episode. 

Likes: 6.4m

Last but certainly not least is Spider-Man himself Tom Holland sharing a picture with Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr on a lovely Summer’s day. The two have had a busy year with Marvel movies including Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home and I think it’s safe to say we’re happy there isn’t another Marvel film for a while. These two have shared some special scenes together on screen, and it’s great to see them hanging out together off it. 

Likes: 13.2m

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We did it Mr Stark!

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