10 Questions with Comedian Joe Bromehead : We talk spinning plates, THAT story in Brighton and much more.

1. So Joe you’ve been around a bit. Tell me about your journey as a stand up?

Started in 2009 after seeing a comedian on TV and I thought I could do better. I was wrong.

2. How do you fit it all in, Fireman, family man, stand up?

I don’t, I’m always neglecting one of the responsibilities and at any one point I’m always about one bad decision away from losing any one of them. Seriously.

3. What’s been your biggest challenge as a comedian?

Writing/time to write where my head isn’t racing 100 miles an hour (see above). I’m a good writer when I get the time and space.

4. People might not know about comedy etiquette, what does it mean to you?

Comedy etiquette. If you are booked for 20 minutes do 20 minutes. If another act is on stage, don’t talk. Backstage, stop trying to be funny, save it for the stage or everyone will hate you. Comedians are meant to be miserable backstage, end of chat.

5. What’s the worst experience you have encountered on stage?

I once got booked for a festival near brighton and performed in a poetry tent. The crowd presumed I would be doing pretentious, left wing poetry so when I started doing jokes about how big my wifes vagina got after child birth I got booed off. She was in the crowd and was so embarrassed she was covering her face so didnt see me beckoning her to leave. I had to walk back through the audience to get her. Or the time a 50 year old woman swung for me.

6. What s the best experience you have had in stage?

I dunno. Ive had a small handful of encores. Can’t beat that.

7. Where do you get your ideas from for jokes?

Mostly my ideas come from the frustrations of real life and real stories.

8. Are gong shows still worth it?

Definitely. The only people who look down on them are people who are not funny.

9. I know you promote gigs, what’s the best way to make yourself stand out as a comic?

Having a USP and making that really funny.

10. What’s coming up next for you Joe ?

Ooo good question. I think next up is me dropping one of the many balls I’m juggling, if I was a betting man I’d say the wife will kick me out and I’ll have my kids 50% of the time which will mean I have to quit doing stand up or get a girlfriend that is willing to babysit. Stand up wise, I’ll probably just keep playing the big clubs and keep being funny. No big plans, but I have a new agent so who knows.