10 years of AnalogTrash….No Boundaries. No Scenes. Est. 2009

AnalogueTrash is an independent record label, management and promotions company run by Adrian Brian Thompson and Mark Buckley based in Manchester launched as an eclectic, alternative electronic music club night in spring 2009, having conceived the idea during the latter part of a particularly excellent Covenant gig at Manchester Academy. Huge fans of alternative and grassroots music in all its forms, full of big ideas, and armed with a healthy dose of idealism, Google and a shoestring budget they put on our first gig and club night in June 2009 in the tiny back room of what was then Moho Live in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

After three and a half years of parties and learning about the music and events business the AnalogueTrash record label was conceived and launched in late 2013. The idea was simple really – a grass-roots, DIY and artist-focused record label that’s eclectic, accessible and inclusive; and one that champions innovative music regardless of genre, subculture, current trend or fashion. By February 2014 they had released our first album and before they knew it they had an expanding catalogue of music from a diverse range of local and international artists.

AnalogueTrash is still 100% independently owned and operated. They are highly political, pro-queer, pro-feminism, internationalist, pro-multiculturalism, anti-fascist and deeply passionate about the power of music to effect positive social change and bring people together. Over the last ten years they become one of the city’s hidden gems. Club nights, gigs and boutique festivals coupled with a fiercely independent and eclectic record label have seen it become a longstanding part of the local underground music scene

To celebrates 10 years AnalogueTrash is hosting a one-day festival at The Bread Shed on Grosvenor Street in Manchester on the 15th of June 2019. The event will feature a selection of label bands, visual artists and DJs that have become our friends and associates over the years including live performances from The Cowls, DEF NEON, St Lucifer, Spray, STOCKSNSKINS, Factory Acts and Nature of Wires; as well as DJ sets from the Anointed DJs, Vieon and ded.pixel.Label artists and friends not able to make the event due to geography or other commitments will be presenting special video messages between performances, and the whole event will be broadcast live over AnalogueTrash’s  own internet radio station AT Radio. Label Co-owner Adrian Brian Thompson had this to say about the event and AT’s 10 year history: 

“It hardly feels real that we’ve been at this for 10 years. From small, back room gigs where we had no idea what we were doing to, somehow, developing AT into an entity that I personally feel is much more than just a record label or promotions company. The artists and fans we’ve connected with over the years have become our extended family, and I can’t wait to share our tenth birthday party with so many of my favourite people. I don’t know if we’ll still be doing this in another 10 years, but it’s going to be fun to see where this goes.” Reflecting the wide array of music released by the label and the sounds and styles played at their associated club events, it promises to be not just a great night out, but also an opportunity for the collective’s artists, friends and fans to share in the passion we and our collaborators have for what we do    

Featured label artists

St Lucifer

St Lucifer are:  David (Vocals/Guitar/Nord), Charlotte (Guitar/Vocals), John (Bass/Volca/Tech), Alice (Drums/Backing Vocals) Their album Music is Violence is an album which pulls very few punches and features a collaboration with poet Emily Oldfield. It showcases a band growing in confidence – solid, brash and painting with a much wider palette than their heads-down/no-nonsense self-titled debut. Live favourites No New Gods and Forward are blast-beat explosions of electro-punk-metal, but part of the album’s appeal is the rollercoaster running order which positions them next to spoken word/broken beat narratives like Dark Matter (featuring poet Neo_101) and the truly remarkable 6 Bathyspheres (I’ll Never Get Used to This)

Next gig  Ultra / Violence EP Launch MAY 18 


Founded in 2001, Spray is comprised of Ricardo Autobahn (synthesizers) and Jenny McLaren (vocals, guitars), both formerly of The Cuban Boys, who took their chaotic technopunk to No. 1 on the Festive 50 (twice), recorded one of the best Peel Sessions ever and went head-to-head with Sir Cliff Richard in a Christmas Chart Battle.

Their hit single Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia (a.k.a. The Hamster Dance Song) sold a million copies, reached No. 4 in the UK single charts, landed them on Top of the Pops and, in the words of John Peel, was “the most requested song I’ve had since God Save The Queen.

Following the demise of the Cuban Boys, Autobahn and McLaren formed Spray, turning their attentions toward synthpop and releasing their debut album Living In Neon in 2002 on U.S. indie label Ninthwave Media.  In 2018 they undertook their first live shows and released the single Anthologised By Cherry Red, which also features on the upcoming album. Reaching number 5 on the 2018 Festive 50 and being voted ‘Record Of The Year’ by Radio Six International, the song reflects the band’s archetypal sound – a celebration-of-all-things-pop tinged with cynicism, despair and the band’s ironic humour.

Failure Is Inevitable will be released on the 17th of May 2019, described as “Sixteen tracks of feel-good pop, dry wit, acerbic irony and a not-so-nostalgic look at the past, it’s sure to please their ever-increasing army of fans as well as those who like a bit of social commentary with their upbeat electronica.”

Next gig The Castle Hotel May 31 Album Launch Show


Vieon is the electronic musical project of Matt Wild, based in Coventry, UK. Expanding to a live three-piece including recently hired sound engineer Stephen Dorphin and VJ Adrian Brian Thompson, their sound is inspired heavily by the 70s and 80s European art electronica pioneers (Jarre, Moroder, Kraftwerk), combined with the more recent influences of contemporary synthpop artists (Daft Punk, Royksopp, Justice) as well as infusing aspects of dance, post-rock and ambient music.

Vieon have raised their profile with a series of engaging audio-visual shows famed for their ambitious scope, including banks of synthesizers, theremin, keytar, live-produced projections and synchronised light display. 2018 saw Vieon not only embark on their most intense set of live dates yet, including their first ever UK tour (appropriately named Ohm From Ohm) and a return to playing in Europe, but also the public release of Live in Manchester and remix album Lost Worlds.

Next gig Subliminal Impulse Festival July 5th