12 Limbs – Memoirs

One of a few rock bands from Russia, Moscow based rock band 12 Limbs are ready for world domination. Back with their first official single since the start of lockdown, ‘Memoirs‘ is a shoulder to cry on during these turbulent times. During lockdown, the trio kept fans’ spirits high by releasing new tracks each month, and delivering music videos while following the usual social distancing measures.

With their eyes set on a debut album in 2021, ‘Memoirs’ gives an insight to a strong piece of work on the near horizon. A track that details the ‘new normal’ for the whole world, ‘Memoirs’ tells the story of how if we completely lockdown ourselves to isolation, we won’t be able to be human and make amazing memories.

By elevating that, 12 Limbs have took to the internet, like everyone else, to interact with fans during these strange times. A distinctive rock track that is elevated throughout with lead vocals from Ben Levit, the rock number is bathed in simple elements that are straight to the point.

Indie rock with subtle moments of a warm pop arrangement, ‘Memoirs’ fights back from the turbulence and states that whatever we all go through, we will always come out the other side raring to go.