Marquis Drive – Unite

Cannock band Marquis Drive are well regarded for their sets of Britpop covers, and locally are known for the party-like atmosphere you can guarantee from their gigs. However, after cutting their teeth with covers they are moving into their own material, and new tune ‘Unite’ proves to be worth the wait.

Their debut original single as already received praise, but this new track sees them step up their game. They have kept all of their roots right at the heart ‘Unite’. Emphatic drums welcome you to the track, before plunging into an unmistakably Britpop influenced riff.

Unite harnesses all of the anthemic power we already knew they possessed, with a chorus which lends itself wonderfully for live performances. As “Come on, come on Unite with me” belts out it already conjures up images of the crowd screaming it back at them with just as much venom as lead singer Mark Hillier.

Even with this distinctly feeling like a real party track, the message it puts across is not to be ignored either. In a time when we are more divided than ever, and those above look to divide us more, this is a big middle finger to that. This is the all for one, one for all, all in this together anthem that 2019 needs.