Deliciously jazzy and soulfully seductive, latest track “Hammerfall” from Welsh solo artist Rhys Byrne is a rock and blues fused powerhouse that is undeniably groovey and instantly nostalgically charming.  

Kicking off in true style with a strong and steady drum beat accompanied by smooth and seamlessly melodic blend of piano chords and sultry guitar “Hammerfall” is immediately infectiously rhythmic. Both catchy and unpredictable with plenty of diversity of sound to keep it endlessly engaging throughout its run time such as the introduction of a more rock inspired guitar passage halfway through the song which seems to come out of nowhere yet sounds completely natural.

With lyrics wittily criticising laziness and passiveness and encouraging the listener to make the change the instrumental of this track should at least certainly guide the audience to its feet to dance if not inspire them to do anything else! Oozing with soul and fervent, stirring melodies “Hammerfall” is somehow both elegant and rock n’ roll.  

One the hugest highlights of this track for me is the clear, extreme attention to detail paid to the making of this song by Rhys Byrne. With the subtle yet effective adding of instrumental layers as the track progresses and develops no stone is left unturned, resulting in a single that sounds incredibly mature and complete.

One of the biggest differences between a novice and professional in the music scene is arguably this keen attention to detail, which is something that Rhys Byrne has impressively already hit the nail on the head with. “Hammerfall” is a fantastic demonstration of his musical capabilities that should have anyone excited for what is to come next.