Review : Plain Sails – Carousel

Theres a lot to unpack with Carousel, whether its the fast and furious guitars, or soulful lyrics. Best to start from the ground up, the drums do the job as they should do with any good track. Setting a precedent and providing a great beat that never intrudes on the track. Although there, they never step into noticeable territory, a solid effort for the most part.

The real meat of the track is the guitars that soar and fight for control continually. With rhythm and lead continually shouting each other down in an attempt to make it their own. The sheer fact that the guitars sound so good across the whole track, with the explosive opening showcasing a couple of flourishes before the song has even really begun. Without a doubt, the guitars steal the show and make the song their own, pulling focus away from the vocals despite them standing at the forefront.


On the topic of lyrics, it goes without saying that Plain Sails use some great vocal talent. Despite guitars screaming furiously throughout, the vocalist puts out a solid and distinct delivery with no backing whatsoever. Though it took me a while to notice, the lack of backing vocals really struck me, Id honestly say it takes some doing to get a delivery that good out without recycling vocals or bringing in fellow bandmates as backup.

Carousel is exciting and blood pumping from start to finish, with vocals and guitar that vie for control and benefit greatly from the energy there.