Review : Median – Shortsighted

Young pop-punk outfit Median do their genre justice on their ‘Shortsighted’ EP, but there are no surprises. The Philadelphia band have a big future among fans of that 90s/early 00s nostalgia and their tunes certainly put you in a good mood, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before.

The band show off all the elements that made pop-punk so huge and are very talented at doing so, producing a tight and professional sound. However after the third song, that classic teenage American vocal style and the same drum patterns starts to get a bit old, particularly to those who haven’t listened to much of the genre past the odd Blink 182 or Fall Out Boy.


The five-track offering gets off to a strong start, with the atmospheric intro to ‘Lust’ instantly putting you in the mindset of getting ready for high school or heading off down the skate park. This theme carries on with ‘Comfort’. You honestly can’t help but smile.

Median hit their peak with standout track ‘Reach’, which is the best example of the quality of their musicianship and includes some great lyrics about finding your way in the world as a teen without getting overly angsty, a line that a lot of pop-punk songs cross. The song ends on a quieter, more tender note, which gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling andgently brings down the tempo after 10 minutes of breakneck speed.

After that high though, ‘Duo’ just leaves you wondering if you’ve accidentally looped back around to the start, and the same with closing track ‘Pieces’, although that cut does have the most impressive sounding bass on the record. None of the songs are bad by any means, but as a whole you’re left wanting some more variation on ‘Shortsighted’.

Despite a few imperfections, Median are a really talented group that are having fun playing music, which comes across very clearly to the listener. They’re sure to start experimenting with some new ideas in the future, and continue putting a carefree smile on your face as they have done on the wholewith ‘Shortsighted’.