Review : Santiago Kings – Heggae

Santiago Kings’ new release ‘Heggae’ is an adventurous step, but leaves you wanting more oomph for their upcoming EP.  As the title suggests, they’ve toyed with a bit of offbeat to underpin their usual heavy lead riff, but in practice it makes the track a bit one-paced.

The Sheffield rockers have been at it for a few years now and it’s easy to be set in your ways, so they deserve plenty of credit for trying something slightly different. There are certainly some redeeming qualities; the lyrics are clever and tightly-written, the backing vocals sound great and, as expected, there’s a very tasty solo after the first chorus.


It’s a foot-tapper and you’re sure to be singing “I’ll count my blessings and I’ll wind up dead”, despite probably hearing it one too many times by the end of the track.

The lead vocals are not bad at all, but you get the feeling that something’s being held back. In older tracks (see Prince of Lies or Mary Anne), you can hear and feel some power as the singer tries to climb above the noise, but this time it’s a little on the safe side.

Whilst the volume does get turned up eventually, you’re waiting for a change of pace that doesn’t come. It’s like they’ve revved up but not actually put their foot down. Santiago Kings bring some intriguing ideas on ‘Heggae’, but you get the sense they’ve reined themselves in, compared to usual that is.