We review the new single from Ali Rice – In The Underground

Hailing from Bristol, Ali Rice takes a lot of musical influence from his fair share of British rock artists and is making his name known with whatever it takes. 

It always makes it more difficult to make a name for yourself solo rather than as a full band. There’s you, and you alone with not a soul to rally around. But the confidence Rice show’s on his latest single ‘In The Underground’ is perfect. Self-assured and headstrong with his songwriting rather than cocky and entitled. He’s working hard and putting in everything he has and it really shows. 

What first comes to mind is how excellent the composition and full feel of the track. With a sound that mirrors that of a full band rather than that of a solo artist. Filled to the brim with guitar, drums, after effects, and vocals. It’s a far cry from one man and his guitar.

Starting with a slow buildup that gives way to a magnificent soundscape that’s full of everything the track has to give even before the first chorus hits properly. The guitars in particular are a mixture of these big open-handed chord strums and gentle splashes of more intricate chords. Generally they’re very subdued right up until a big instrumental moment in the back half. It’s a decision that lets everything else meld together with it. 

These melds make for excellent styling, with these little twinkles of synth notes, and drums coming through in droves. It’s these moments that soften a lot of the edge to the song in an excellent way. Letting loose a much more pop-rock feel without descending into something too camp. 

The vocals are a similar story and naturally act as the centerpiece of the entire song. They’re gentle and heartfelt, but keep a nice smoothness to them that exudes a lot of confidence. It’s a very natural sound as well, with not a hint of autotune about it, showcasing a very natural talent that is used to full effect. 

In The Underground is a very solid outing for Rice, with a radio-friendly sound that will definitely grab the attention of anyone wanting a rock sound without too much heaviness baked into the mix.