Four Reasons why Huddersfield’s music scene is better than yours!

There are many great bustling music scene’s in Britain. From Sheffield to Manchester, Carlisle to London, Bristol to Brighton… music can be found in almost every city and county; each with unique sounds and experiences. However, did you know there’s another region making waves in their music scene? 

Huddersfield, a market town nestled in heart of west Yorkshire, now suffering at the bottom of the premier league having been introduced to the public consciousness via their incredible efforts last season, have been making a big impact in terms local music. Here’s why: 


1. The youth are interested and INVOLVED

Since Huddersfield University opened in 1992, there has been an influx of young people living in Huddersfield, and as a result, young people have become interested in the music scene. So much so, that some have taken it to themselves to set up events, independent record labels and music communities. People are forming businesses and alliances, building their own mini music industry and aiding in the development of Huddersfield’s local scene. 

2. The community is strong.

Now it wouldn’t quite be a local scene without the local people who support it. With a plethora of venue owners, media outlets, musicians and bands; the community is a strong close-knit group of unique individuals who take their passion for music and turn it into a mission to continually improve the local scene. Backed by important influencers who are innovating new and exciting ideas, Huddersfield’s music scene has an amass of people behind it, pushing it to higher than ever before.

3. Social enterprises are supporting local, independent artists.

With funding from the council being cut between 2011-2016, it has been the responsibility of social enterprises to pick up after Kirklees and provide support for local talent. Companies such as: GrassRoutes Music, who collaborated with the venue Parish to provide “Local Band Month” in which every event was ‘pay what you like’ to ensure artists would not only receive exposure, but perhaps a little pay too. As well as InfiniteVibrations, an independent record label helping emerging artist gain a footing into the scene.

4.The University is innovating new music.

On top of this thriving music scene, Huddersfield University is exploring new and innovative music. With a contemporary record label linked to the university and many students studying various niche areas of the subject, such as; the link between classical music and modern metal as well as the development of Avant-Garde, it is no surprise the music of Huddersfield is ahead of its time. 

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