5 Artists that make you ask “Where are they now?”

Artists have a very tricky job of trying to engage audiences. And in some cases, if done wrong, the band goes from top of the charts, to fading into the sea of normality. This list will showcase 5 artists that make you wonder “Where are they now?”.

1 – Gotye

We all know about Gotye’s huge hit “Somebody that I used to know”. Being everywhere in the world for weeks on end, joining ridiculously catchy songs like “Happy” and “Despacito”. However, after its release, Gotye seemed to disappear into obscurity. After releasing the album containing this song, Wally De Backer (The artist behind Gotye) Decided to put the project on a hiatus. Opting to perform with the band “The Basics”. Still performing the song to this day, and rumours of him returning to Gotye at some point.

2. The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks are a classic indie lads band. Formed in the early 2010s, this band shot to fame quite early on, releasing tracks that entered indie crowds quickly. On top of this the band got a reputation among many people in the industry and audience that disliked the overly “Lad” way they conducted themselves.

Nowadays, the Sherlocks have had two members leave the band, and the success has been on a steady decline. They are still touring and releasing music with the new members, but not quite up to the standard of the early days.

3. Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen, an indie giant. After the release in 2014 of “The Balcony”, these guys blew up across the country. Many class that album as one of the best debut albums of all time. After the success however, and replacing the lead guitarist, Catfish and the Bottlemen tried to recapture the sound of the first album again and again. To many fans, the repetition of the same styles and ideas can only go so far, so by the time the third album rolled around, a lot of fans had given up.

In 2022, the band don’t seem to be together anymore, having been a few years since the last release and no more live dates to come. Rumours have began to surface that the band has packed it in.

4. Toploader

Toploader, a band known worldwide for “Dancing in the Moonlight”, are a perfect addition to this list. After releasing the album containing the track, and trying to follow it up, they broke up in 2003. Struggling to recapture the hit they created. After a few years, they decided to reform in 2009, releasing new music and doing shows to this day. Although their new releases have yet to live up to the hype the classic song created, it hasn’t put them off continuing to try.

5. The Pigeon Detectives

The Pigeon Detectives released their debut album “Wait for Me” in 2007, and since then have been riding the wave it created. Containing such a fantastic assortment of songs, the album shot them to be a household name in the indie scene. However, many of the releases after it didn’t seem to engage listeners the same way. In 2017, they released a 10th anniversary edition of the album. And since that release have not put anything new out. They continue to tour and play festivals however.

Let us know if there are any artists or bands that you would like us to cover next, and if you agree or disagree with the ones covered here!