A.D – Sex/Love

UK-based rapper A.D teams up with LA-based singer IAMKING for fast-paced contender, Sex/Love. Exploring the duality of sex and love, both in theme and in sound, the sleazy number is broken into two hard-hitting sections.

Musically, the track is based around A.D’s raw, unfiltered vocals that convey a sort of ‘imperfection is key’ persona. Stating you don’t need perfection to create a grit-filled song, ‘Sex/Love’ explores the important message – love and sex are not one and the same.

Fusing hip-hop, lo-fi and RnB to create a memorable soundscape, this collaboration is certainly up there with the greatest of the year. Reminiscing artists such as Cordae, Da Baby, Busta Rhymes, DMX and Will Smith, this is the type of track you’d hear in a stylish underground bar living your best life. The first half showcases A.D’s effortless attire and conveys the sexual part of the song perfectly.

The second half showcases a more sombre, deep time as IAMKING takes lead. Emphasising the message of love, the two arrangements fit perfectly together even though they’re complete opposites. Very diverse and versatile, this track refuses to follow any specific guidelines and creates its own rulebook.