A NORTHERN UNDERGROUND WEEKENDER : Musical double-header showcases emerging talent across Manchester + Liverpool

Whether your allegiance is red or blue, bittersweet rivalries will be set aside when music fans in Manchester and Liverpool catch some of the cities’ most explosive undiscovered bands over one weekend – whilst raising funds for The Ehlers-Danlos (EDS) Support UK.

A double-offering by new promoter and management co. North Central Music (NCM) – the first of its kind for new music as it straddles neighbouring regions – A Northern Underground is a tale of two musical cities pulling away from their melodic heritage and hurtling towards the future. Its passengers? The

14 artists will represent their local by playing gigs at two beloved venues in Liverpool and Manchester.

Headlining both events at Manchester’s Aatma and Liverpool’s The Jacaranda is Merseyside’s own, RIVAL BONES. Bringing their onslaught of hefty Royal Blood-esque rock to proceedings, the duo will feature alongside a rib-punching wall of sound from Manchester’s grungy punk rockers MANALISHI, and the volatile Queens of the Stone Age stomp of BRAIN APE.

“I love both cities and have connections with each of them,” tells Seddy of Wigan based promoters, NCM. A Northern Underground is like our new-born… and the feedback so far has been nothing short of incredible! We can’t wait to see what happens. Who doesn’t love an intimate place when the room is going off? That’s what we’re about; sweat, dirt, and fast, great music in a no holds barred venue whilst supporting local artists, offering a pass to discover new favourite acts, and all for less than a tenner.”

Born out of pure passion and filled with love, the NCM manifesto is one of no nonsense. Taking no longer than 3 weeks to come together, from securing the artists and finalising the artwork to announcement itself, A Northern Underground’s artists represent a variety of genres across punk, hardcore, heavy funk/punk, grunge and alternative prog among others.

Completing the bill; ELEVANTMR TEDVULTURE CULT and PERSIAN HUGS will perform in Liverpool and THE KECKSSLOWHANDCLAPSQUARE WILDCAREERING, and REFUGE ISLAND will take on Manchester. London’s DUTCH MUSTARD will make a trip along the M62 to play both shows.

There will be no DJs, just a solid playlist between the bands giving enough time to refill the glasses and find a spot down the front, plus one or two surprises along the way. “There’s something exciting I can’t actually talk about yet… but turn up to the Manchester show and you will find out. We’re full of surprises here at NCM and pride ourselves as being unorthodox and not sticking by the rules.”

Taking its name from the underground music scene as well as The Verve’s album A Northern Soul – close to the heart of NCM’s Wigan connection – even the artwork for the event poster is a nod to the link between northern cities. In fact, each flyer, when shown at the door, will provide punters with a free JägermeisterThe two trains represent a travelling festival with bands around the UK stopping off in both cities. Just like the music, it all came together a break-neck speed but everything was thought out.

Joining forces with hardcore DIY label Society of Losers, Manchester promoter Barber, and London promoters Live Circuit who host its own linked live events in the South as part of the artists’ wider tours, A Northern Underground will be the weekend ride that shows no sign of stopping. Forget HS2 and hop aboard, this will be the ultimate rock and riot ride. “You never know, if this goes well, we might have to travel further… another country, on the other side of the world? Let’s see how we get on!”

14 artists will represent their local by playing gigs at two beloved venues in Liverpool and Manchester.

Saturday 16 November, 1pm onwards – LIVERPOOL The Jacaranda Sunday

17 November, 1pm onwards – MANCHESTER Aatma

Tickets: £5 / £7 OTD – HERE