Aaron Spencer – Sticky Dancefloor

Whitehaven’s Aaron Spencer captures the vibes of early 2000’s indie rock that led the way for a huge shift in music with his latest single, ‘Sticky Dancefloor’. 

It’s a straightforward indie rock ‘n roll track, but the tempo and vocal performance from Spencer give you the imagination of ‘what would The Strokes and Julian Casablancas have sounded like if they had come from North-West England and not New York?’.  

Sticky Dancefloor is a snapshot from a moment in time from Spencer’s past. He reflects on a night out in his late teens where all his problems of worrying about his future and all the strains of early adulthood disappear after meeting a girl at a nightclub.   

It has all the vibes of young nightlife in the north of England and I’m sure we’ve all experienced a ‘Sticky Dancefloor’ experience once or twice and the music matches the fitting theme.  

The kind of songs you could have expected from Arctic Monkeys and Courteeners at some point in their career sees consistent chords which dominate the majority of the song and a cheeky lead in the bridge that shows no effort in carrying the track along.  

Sticky Dancefloor may sound simple, but its effectiveness in telling a story and feeling that consistent structural flow that ‘Is This It?’ once captured is very attractive. Those classic guitar tones are there and I think all Spencer is really missing is a bit more flare when he writes more tracks.  

Clearly The Strokes are a big influence here and Spencer needs those delightfully fast and picked leads that used to battle the vocals. 

Classy songwriting nonetheless with great use of rhythms, one for all of you indie rock fans.