Aaron Yorke – Difficult Year

Well, 2020 was rather tough, wasn’t it? Describing the turbulence of last year perfectly, Aaron Yorke’s latest release ‘Difficult Year is spot on. Award-winning folk singer songwriter Aaron Yorke resides in Worcestershire, and has truly become a strong asset to the music scene. The latest single is a piano driven ballad that will certainly pull at your heartstrings after one of the toughest years on record.

Reminiscing on a year while looking back with comfort that the difficult year is over, the melancholic number is accompanied with passionate vocals and a beautiful string section.

Aaron exclaims that the year will always be remembered as the moment the whole world stood still, just like the trials we’ve been through, you may have to pause the track just to take it all in.

A number to stick on repeat to get the whole experience that the track deserves, ‘Difficult Year‘ also explains how it was a time we made changes internally for the better. While there’s nothing we can do to help the situation apart from playing our part, the track details how we sometimes have to look internally to make the next step.