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The rules are simple(ish): they can’t repeat an album, and to just make it that little bit more interesting they have to use the same track number from another album. For example, Track 1 could be the opening track of the incredible Stone Roses’ debut ‘I Wanna Be Adored’. Track 2 could be Blur’s ‘Song 2′ – you get the idea? – basically their fave track 1,2,3 etc from 10 different albums

This month’s Fantasy Album has been curated by Jemma Moore. Jemma has been seen recently as Li in Tony Giglio’s ‘Doom: Annihilation’ and BBC1’s Shakespeare & Hathaway’; she has just completed ‘Host‘ a film shot by Rob Savage during quarantine at the actor’s homes, which premiered last July on the streaming service Shudder. When not working in-front of the camera Jemma co-runs ‘It Girl Productions‘ alongside Caroline Ward that values a film culture that is sincere and honest when delivering diversity and equitable practices. Jemma also co-presents the pastime podcast ‘Hobbycast‘ with Amer Chadha Patel and Carla McGlynn.

1.’Sunshine’ – Gabrielle

This was one of my first albums I ever bought for my silver Sony portable CD player. I remember hiding it under the desk at school and feeding the headphones through my school uniform and resting my head in my hand so the teacher couldn’t tell. I think I must have listened to it over one hundred times

2.‘To lose my life’ – White Lies

White lies were my favourite band through my later teens and during uni. I used to dress up with my best friend at school Sophie in Doc Martens and coloured tights, nude lips and heavy eyeliner and go to all their gigs mid school week. The front man Harry has a voice like velvet. I always like to go back and listen through this album when I’m feeling a bit like my angsty teenage self.

3. ‘Pork and Beans’ – Weezer 

I listened to this whole album during a field hockey tour around Vancouver and Seattle when I was like 17 years old. I remember eating pizza piled in the back of a pick up truck with another friend in the team, with all our kit, playing this on full volume driving to the forest lakes.

4. ‘No Police’ – Doja Cat

This is always a song I add to a playlist when I’m chilling with my girls and getting ready for a night out. It’s chill, it’s sensual and perfectly paired with some wine and snacks.”

5. ‘Time Warp’ – Richard O’Brien

I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show and it’s a dance everyone can get up and do (even if it does involve lots of hip thrusting). I have fond memories of going to screenings at the Prince Charles Cinema when I first came to London dressing up as Magenta and the whole cinema dancing to this.”

6. ‘Lie, Cheat, Steal’ – Run The Jewels

Everybody’s doing it … I joke; but what I never want to joke about is how much Run The Jewels have bought me so much joy. I’ve now seen them five times and I would go again and again and again and again … you get the picture. The energy at their live shows is off the charts, I remember just jumping around yelling out their lyrics and laughing my head off. The best.”

7. ‘Caught up’ – Usher

Usher was another early CD I had growing up and just that start was enough to get my feet moving. I think I wrote him fan mail to ask him for one of his hats.”

8. ‘In the Morning’ – Nao

Imagine – this song, fresh coffee, and a whole ocean in front of you. I remember first hearing this song on holiday in Spain and every time I’ve heard it since, it just fires up all those other senses. Nao has one of those unique voices that can just pull out those raw emotions

9. ‘No Role Modelz’ – J.Cole

One New Years Eve , I decided I was going to go to all the parties I was invited to. I packed a rucksack put on a sparkly dress, lip gloss (and my Nikes) and I ventured to every party I could in town. This was the song that kept playing and it always reminds me of how much fun I actually had. I think I was in a taxi when midnight hit and I’d tipsily asked the lovely driver to play this song and we had a boogie together. I did end up at an impromptu drag night where some of my mates who are all performers and artists and just wonderful human beings were singing loads of Demi Lovato and Kate Bush, which was delightful.”

10. ‘Epic Last Song’ – Does it Offend you, yeah?

One of the best gigs I went to as a teenager was Does it Offend You, Yeah? with my amazing friend Sophie. I remember her mum drove us there and while we were there Hot Chip were also playing next door and we managed to sneak through some doors to go and see them after. ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and ‘Let’s Make out’ were also classics from them.”

A brilliantly diverse album. Not listened to Does it Offend you,Yeah? Rather jealous that we aren’t brave enough to wear coloured tights to a White Lies gig. We should try and get Jemma’s gig buddy Sophie on here sometime in the future.

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