The rules are simple(ish): they can’t repeat an album, and to just make it that little bit more interesting they have to use the same track number from another album. For example, Track 1 could be the opening track of the incredible Stone Roses’ debut ‘I Wanna Be Adored’. Track 2 could be Blur’s ‘Song 2′ – you get the idea? – basically their favourite track 1, 2, 3 etc from 10 different albums.

Adam Larter is a writer/comedian and the creator of Weirdos Comedy. Weirdos have spent many a year crafting cardboard feminist mermaids, the abomination that was Phil Collins growing out of Donald Trump’s back and everyone’s favourite, the Dorito fish, which has seen them included as a ‘Top Christmas Show’ to see in The Guardian (2014/15), The Independent (2014/15) and The Times (2015). 2015’s offering, Weirdos for Christmas Number 1, also featured as the last physical comedy feature article in Time Out London, which is a legacy in itself. Over the last couple of years they have weathered the pandemic with innovative online shows and returning to stage with last year’s interactive show at the Museum of Comedy ‘Murder at the True Crime Convention’ and a nomination for ‘Best Show’ with the first outing of ‘The Envelopes’ at Leicester Comedy Festival. For Halloween weekend this year, Weirdos will be putting on three nights of highly ambitious, interactive and immersive comedy in London’s Museum of Comedy.

1.Mike Watt – Big Train

This track is an insanely good album opener. A statement of intent, Watt’s chunky potato wedge of a bass line and gravelly voice asking you if you ‘wanna ride the big train’. Heck yeh! Dave Grohl on drums – check. Nels Cline, Eddie Vedder and J Mascis on guitar – holy shit – check. ,_This song has all sorts of fireworks going off at various points and it is a testament to all of the musical vision of Mike Watt, one of the greatest songwriters of all time. To me, this is pure punk fun.

2.The Replacements- Favorite Thing

This song sounds like taking a run-up towards headbutting a brick wall. I love it. The stupid energy of it. Like drinking too many Panda Pops and spinning around in circles at the community hall. I love that this is the second track on the album ‘Let it Be’ it is the only thing that could possibly follow ‘I Will Dare’. The track collapses in on itself at the end as it should. “

3. Cocteau Twins – Sugar Hiccup

 I first heard the Cocteau Twins when I was a young one, I think everyone should listen to Cocteau Twins when they are young. This is one of those ones where you THINK you know what Elizabeth Fraser is singing, rare for a Cocteau Twins song to have words but I dont think it loses any of its otherworldliness. For such a big hit it feels like it could have been an album opener but it is a perfect number 3. “

4. Fugazi – Epic Problem

It’s a shame that some of Fugazi’s best music is on their final album ‘The Argument’. There are so many ideas on that album and so much exploration. Epic Problem is damn catchy, sing-it-in-the-shower stuff but it also has some amazing screaming vox, some duelling guitars and classic Fugazi chaos. It is a pop-punk song but in the best of ways like someone tried to make that genre as difficult as they possibly could. 

5. Raincoats – Black & White 

The muso nerds that hang around record stores and write blogs may make many a good argument that The Raincoats S/T debut album is one of the best punk albums of all times. The go-to songs on a playlist tend to be ‘Fairytale in the Supermarket’ or their charming cover of the Kink’s ‘Lola’ but I’ve always enjoyed the midway point ‘Black and White’ .”

6.Smog – Cold Blooded Old Times

Side B of my fantasy album takes a much calmer turn. We are on the home straight and it is cosier and less noisy. Getting some good rhythms and good words going on. I think what I like about a good album is probably that, the first half is full of statements, full of energy and the second half is where you don’t have to prove anything, you just pop the songs that speak for themselves. I could have put any Bill Callahan song on Side B – he has soooo many good songs on the second half of an album. Cold Blooded Old Times is far too catchy with that little hand-clap and piano; it feels like you are in an old cockney pub. The lyrics, don’t get me started ‘And though you were / just a little squirrel / you understood every word’. 

7. Hold Steady – You Can Make Him Like You

Did I say Side B was calmer? Maybe not entirely. This has some of my favourite lyrics of all time coming from one-of my favourite albums of all time ‘Boys and Girls in America’. “You don’t have to go to the right kind of schools Let your boyfriend come from the right kind of schools
You can wear his old sweatshirt you can cover yourself like a bruise” To me this sounds like Christmas time, wearing your best shoes and dancing in your bedroom. A song written for women, sung by men, and somehow perfectly universal.

8. Belle & Sebastian – My Wandering Days Are Over

I love the romance of this song. It is deeply beautiful, deeply chaotic and charmingly bittersweet. An autumnal song. I couldn’t listen to all music if it was like this but Belle&Sebastian have a real gift of wearing their heart on their sleeves and not sounding pretentious (maybe thats just me). 

9. Soup Review – Orion’s Elasticated Waistband

This song is so so perfectly placed at the end of the album. It is about the end of a night-out, sharing chips and junk-food with your friend and making a bit of a tit of yourself. Laughing over nothing. A song about friendship and enjoying the company of a good pal. Soup Review are a folk duo from Sheffield and I love them so so much. This album is my favourite of theirs and this song is my favourite on that album, so much so that I asked to do a music video for it. Video isn’t my natural medium and I think what I gave them shows that but if it conveys even 0.01% of the sentiment I get from this song that’d be great. “

10. Wilco – Theologians

 “If Hold Steady’s Boys and Girls in America is one of my favourite albums then Wilco’s A Ghost is Born is probably my absolute favourite album. Theologians is a cracker and thankfully they still perform it live a lot. I think it is about religion, but it also feels really personal and I love (like most of the songs on A Ghost is Born) the guitars on this. It feels like a song made for stage, like Jeff Tweedy is really declaring something when he says ‘I’m going away where you will look for me’. . . and that is where my fantasy album ends ‘I’m a cherry ghost’. 

A big thank you to Adam Larter for putting together his Fantasy Album.

The Envelopes is a show which takes months of planning, over 150 individual envelopes each with unique hand-made art, letters and instructions as well as writing and rehearsing a whole evening of comedy. When we performed this in Leicester the atmosphere was incredible as the audience were already such a crucial part of the show, we knew it would be the perfect show to adapt for Halloween. The show itself takes a lot of inspiration from online shows we saw during the pandemic like John Robertson’s Dark Room, Escape the North Mark Watson’s Watsonathon where the audience feel more involved in the story, this felt missing from a lot of live comedy. The cast includes Eleanor Morton, Ali Brice, Lulu Popplewell and many more brilliant performers.

The Envelopes runs from the 28th-30th of October at London’s Museum of Comedy. You can grab tickets here

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