Adrian Habich – Let’s Get Started, Broken Hearted

Brand new music all the way from the deep Southwest of Germany, as Adrian Habich announces himself with debut EP, Let’s Get Started, Broken Hearted. A feel-good five track pop offering, it skips along happily enough, offering joyous overtones and every turn.

The opening pair of tracks, previously released singles ‘Don’t You Know That I’m’ and ‘True Love’ set the tone for what may not be the most heartfelt EP you will ever find, but shimmer and glow in the way pop songs should. The opener has all the hallmarks of a cheesy pop classic. Habich’s floaty vocals, atop a jangling guitar track and minimal drums, create an atmosphere of warmth which seldom leave throughout the five songs.

In a tune that feels very Scouting For Girls influenced, ‘True Love’ balances a little more soul bearing with a conscious effort to maintain his glittery sound. Any semblance of darkness that tries to sneak in as Habich coos “I can’t feel your love anymore” is quickly lightened up by the inherent ballad-fuelled gleam that he carries in his sound.

‘Joanne’ is the best of the five tracks on Let’s Get Started… Though following the same general roadmap set out by the previous tracks, it feels like it goes to some more interesting places. There’s an undeniable extra oomph in both the vocals and the instrumentals, which contribute to a fuller sound, threatening to break from pop into pop-rock territory. It feels distinctively braver than the other tunes on the EP, and he reaps the rewards of that here.

Fourth track, ‘Gloriously’, sees a return to the janglier, happy-go-lucky sort of feel he established at the start of the EP, revisiting the norms he seems to have established in his songwriting, and although unspectacular it is another track that holds its own.

However, on closing track ‘Waiting For Your Love’ he does break again from the norm slightly. This time rather than switching up as in ‘Joanne’ he tones it down, and finishes with a softer effort, showcasing his voice one last time. In doing this he definitely achieves a sound which feels more “real”, fuelled more by emotion that sound, and goes out on a high.

What he’s created here in Let’s Get Started, Broken Hearted feels like the title suggests, he’s just getting started. Habich obviously has the ability to create fluffy, sparkling pop songs, but in ‘Joanne’ as well as in the closing track, he’s showed he can do more than that too. He’s definitely laid the foundations to surprise a few people in the coming months and years, not to mention he’s a German whose English songwriting seems to display as much as many of our own pop stars. I fully expect we will be hearing more from him. In die Zukunft!