Afonso – Bloom

London-based musician Afonso mixes together soul and jazz in his track ‘Bloom’ where the song itself feels like a flower flourishing up from the ground and taking in the life around it. 

Afonso and his ensemble of musicians have created a beautiful and atmospheric piece which has a feeling of warmth and also a little bit of retro around it.   

What starts off with pounding drums and their intensity are easily forgotten about when calming keys bring forth a relaxing mood.  

Afonso’s vocals are smooth over the instrumentation with a variety of vocal harmonies in the chorus sounding soft and enriching.    

The delicate jazzy guitar plays sweeping notes across Bloom and blends in well with the keys and the guitar work really does have a vintage jazz feel to it.    

As the track progresses the bass is grooving in the background with the drums whilst the keys and guitar fill the track with surreal noise. It’s an exciting yet relaxing track when considering the vibe that the instrumentation gives off.  

Bloom in its final minute trails off with smooth instrumentation and leaves my highly satisfied for the jazz/soul concoction I’ve just received. Barkeep, another please!  

This is really exciting stuff and I could easily imagine Afonso putting together an exciting album of jazz.