It’s hard to believe that twelve months have passed since Photographer Girl and The Humble Reviewer spent ten gruelling, but thoroughly enjoyable hours running between the basement in The Peer Hat and the first floor at AATMA witnessing the best of local grassroots bands and artistes, and we were grateful to be asked to come back and do it all again this year too. So here we are! Some are making a subsequent appearance, but there are lots of new faces to see and songs to be heard too. The venues for this year’s After All Festival are the same, as is the promoter, the inimitable Mr Owen Meikle-Williams and this year we’ve come supplied with snacks, to try to ensure that we don’t miss anyone this year (Black Sonic Revolver, who are thankfully present this year too, take a bow!) So, without any further ado, let’s see what’s afoot.

The Peer Hat – Jonny Eldridge

Twelve months ago today, a rather nervous young lady called Molly Andrew took to the stage in AATMA, picked up her acoustic guitar and played her first ever gig. She’s on today’s bill too, but right now, the baton of opening After All with your debut gig passes to one Jonny Eldridge who picks up HIS acoustic guitar and stares out at us, waiting for his cue. Johnny hails from Sherburn-in-Elmet near Leeds, which is, he tells me famous because King Athelstan used to live there.

I know it better because I used to go plane spotting there, but that really IS too sad to mention. What ISN’T sad is the fact that Johnny takes his inspiration from The Lottery Winners (two of whose songs he covers in today’s set) and first picked up a ukelele at the age of 13. Considering it’s his first gig, there are few signs of nerves, possibly helped by a gang of mates on hand to provide moral support. He’s got a fine set of pipes on him too with a good vocal range.

This may well be his first gig, but he knows how to work an audience, delivering a confident set of original numbers and covers, but his original material is soulful and thought-provoking – Song for Rum – “Listening to Mardy Bum and cuddles on the sofa” he may well have been, but I’m sure there will be plenty of folk listening to Mr Eldridge soon enough. One on watch, for sure.

Jonny played: Cash in Hand & Fake IDs (Reytons cover), So Far Down, Emerald City (Lottery Winners), Repeat Offender, Song for Rum (now renamed to Thank You), Favourite Flavour (Lottery Winners), and Mardy Bum (I’m not going to tell you, but I bet you look good on the dancefloor)

The Peer Hat – Molly Andrew

Unfortunately, 3rd Degree Gurns have been unable to make today’s event, so we remain in The Peer Hat to catch up with Molly Andrew again. She has blossomed from the shy lady that we saw making HER debut twelve months ago into a confident performer with whom we last crossed paths a few months back at Off The Square, where she shared the bill with Violet, Club, another of today’s bands.

She delivers another pleasing set of covers and original numbers, and it’s a shame that due to the logistics of the event that we’re unable to see ANYBODY’s complete set, as we’re pounding between venues and floors on photographic duties. She has a charming way of holding the audience’s attention as she details the stories behind her songs, whether it be that’s it’s her Mum’s favourite, or the tale of how she met her current boyfriend (you KNOW who you are..), and the crowd are respectfully quiet as she delivers them in an increasingly confident manner. Check her out if you get the chance.

Molly played: When I was With You, This Pretty Face (Amy McDonald), Cracks, Weakender, Wicked Game (Chris Isaak), Secrets, I’ve Just Seen A face (The Beatles) and Company

AATMA – Phil Quinn & The Signils

We nip back upstairs to catch up with Phil Quinn and the Sigils who deliver a strong and thought-provoking set that put me in mind of Elvis Costello in frontman Phil’s vocal delivery, and I particularly enjoyed the electronic percussion – enough to make me want to track them down again, and I’m sure I’ll find out more about them before too long, but I didn’t manage to grab either the lineup OR a setlist – apologies.

The Peer Hat – Late Night Drive

Back downstairs to take in Late Night Drive – it’s nice to see a female-fronted today and Late Night Drive deliver a soulful, poppy set that grabs my attention from the outset. They’re all currently studying music at Liverpool Uni and Lily Blackwell (lead vocals), Ben Mathot (keys), Ollie Phelps (drums), Harry Marden (guitar) and Josh Sherlock (lead guitar) tell me that they’re hoping to record some of their original songs soon in the university studio, in addition to getting some more gigs lined up.

“Letters” is a dreamy slice of pop that has me in mind of, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and what is striking about so many of the new acts we see today is both their confidence and their musical ability, and in this respect,

Late Night Drive are a fine example as they cover Holly Humberstone’s “Scarlett”, leading effortlessly into another energetic original, “How We Learn”, with Lily’s voice soaring effortlessly in the background as we sadly take our leave of them to head back to AATMA. However, I’ll be scouring the socials for details of the aforementioned upcoming gigs, as this talented group of individuals have also just added themselves to my radar. It may be a very full radar by the end of the day.

Late Night Drive played: Spaces, Letters, Scarlett, How We Learn, Enemy and No Hope

AATMA – Big Cat Chic

More rugby training back to AATMA (I SWEAR we’ll have things of steel by the end of today) for Big Cat Chic, preceded by another machine gun delivery of vitriol from Mr Horner. They are Eliza White on vocals, Samuel Brunt on guitar and backing vocals, Lucas Hookings on bass and Jamal Abel Lewis-Service on drums. Variously described as, “Dark and glamorous” and as having a “Cocteau Twins otherworldliness”, that’s enough to get me interested. Their set (or at least the bit for which we’re able to stay) is diverse, to say the least, including elements of grunge, garage, funk and psychedelia –

Eliza is an imposing frontperson and I can hear traces of Joy Division (I CAN, honestly) in the drums and guitar and REM in the clever vocal harmonies reminiscent of Pit Pony’s Jackie Purver. Off the back of debut release “Grey Eyes”, they already have a growing body of work under their belts, all the more impressive as they’ve only been on the go since last year and if you fancy a road trip, you can catch up with them on May the 5th supporting Parallel States at The Shed in Leicester. If I had hair, I’d have been shaking it furiously, but I don’t, so sadly Big Cat Chic had to settle for a bob of the baldy heed before we descended to the Peer Hat Basement.

Big Cat Chic played: Doghouse, Are We in Love, Disguise, See the Light, Grey Eyes and Beverly.

The Peer Hat – The Distance

Someone with whom we haven’t crossed paths with previously are Manchester four-piece indie-rockers The Distance. Comprising lead singer Jack, lead guitarist Sam, Dan on bass and Aaron on drums, they headlined at Gullivers back in January and have played a sold out show at The Deaf Institute, as well as supporting Tom Hingley and appearing at Clint Boon’s Army night at Lion’s Den. Debut single “Falling”, released in September 2022 was followed up by singles,

“Dreams” and “Going Home (again)”, with the punkier “Underdog” set to see the light of day next month. Described elsewhere  as “Unapologetically loud, no holds barred and lots of fun”, The Distance deliver an energetic set punctuated with pleasant harmonies, which has the Peer Hat afternoon audience bobbing along appreciatively. Another one for whose complete set I wish I could have stayed. Like The Jam, The Clash, The Courteeners or The Enemy? Then you’ll surely like The Distance.

AATMA – The Bliss

The Bliss are another band new to us and with two members aged 16 (Ben McBride on bass and Sam Hobson on drums and backing vocals) and two aged 17 (Solly Temkin on vocals, rhythm guitar, sax and sometimes keyboards, but not today and Louie Tunstall on lead guitar and backing vocals), it’s clear they’ve clearly started early!

Bassist Ben can’t be with us today, so standing in for him is Joe Ashcroft. Solly, Ben and Sam started The Bliss last September, with Louie joining a month later. Although they take their name from a lytic in one of their favourite songs (Imaginary), but it’s been pointed out that their initials nearly spell “Bliss”, too (go look, I’ll be here when you get back).

Playing their first gig at the Spinning Top in Stockport back in November, they’ve headlined at Fusion Creative Studios in their hometown of Altrincham, and they’ve even been supported by SPIN KLASS! Debut single “Without You” (written by Solly at the tender age of 11) emerged in February, and it’s with this that they choose to open their set today.

They’re currently working on follow-up, “Balloons”, which should be out in the next month or two. You can catch them next at the Altrincham FC Community Beer festival at the end of May, Britfest on the 6th of July, Venture Fest on the 27th of July, and keep your eyes peeled for something rather special on the 7th of September (I’m sworn to secrecy, honestly!)

The Bliss played; Without You, Alternative, A New Someone, Common Ground, Balloons, Imaginary and In Your Eyes.

The Peer Hat – The Last Clouds

The Last Clouds Frontman Matt Schott modestly describes this two-man outfit (with Al Quarterman producing the noise) as “Just middle-aged chaps from Cheshire with a love for making music and who believe that it doesn’t just belong to youth as we still have something to say”. It’s been two years since their last gig, and they’re understandably nervous as they launch into a set watched by a pleasingly large number of people.

If they WERE nervous, you’d never have guessed it as the Peer Hat reverberates to the blended DNA of New Order, latter day Gary Numan and the filthiest parts of Depeche Mode, delivered by Al at the rear whilst Matt struts with increasing Hooky like-confidence, dragging a chair into the crowd on which he proceeds to stand and deliver (cheers, Adam) his vision of an unequal world.

They’ve been introduced by our good friend Jack Horner, AKA Leon The Pig Farmer, who will be seen on both stages, delivering his unique blend of observational lyricism throughout the day. As anyone who’s read any of my reviews previously, anything that tickles my New Order synapses is always guaranteed my full attention, and I thoroughly enjoy todays set, even though it’s hit by a few technical issues, but after an absence of two years, they might well be excused. If your windows need putting in very intensively, The Last Clouds are the folk for you.

The Last Clouds played: Origin, Fatalism, Fault Lines, How to Get Up from This, Becoming, Something to Be Known and the as yet unreleased FCRZ.


It’s now 16:00 and the stage managers are doing a sterling job of keeping the running order to schedule. As we flit between venues, it’s fascinating to see the groups of band members, media folk, photographers and all manner of music-obsessed people gathered in the narrow alleyway that provides access to AATMA and the Peer Hat, swapping anecdotes, planning gigs, dreaming dreams, scheming schemes and heaven knows what else.

THIS is where the lifeblood of Manchester music lies, and not (as some would have you believe) in the vast soulless arenas where you can pay over a hundred quid (that’s if you manage to find the cheap seats) to see someone a quarter of a mile away, who may or may not be the person you actually came to see.

Whether or not any legislation ever comes into play to impose ticket levies on the arena leviathans, The Castle needs us, Gullivers needs us, 33 Oldham Street and Night and Day need us. Get across to Taylor’s Shure 5 Studios, to The Salty Dog in Nantwich, to The Deaf Institute, or up to The Ferret in Preston, or Bootleg Social in Blackpool.

Go see bands (just don’t talk through them) – put your money into the little venues that put the bands on who may well be next year’s big thing (although it honestly doesn’t matter if they’re not). Buy a tee or a tote, indulge in a vinyl – just get out there, prick up your ears and do SOMETHING, because if you don’t, pretty soon, you might not be able to. This is The Way – rant over (until the next one, at least)

AATMA – Daniel Darley

Manchester-based Daniel Darley is accompanied by Jamie Wilson on lead guitar. Having recently released his third single “Daily Cause” in March, the summer of 2024 will see Daniel touring and working on his self-produced debut album. Citing influences including Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Radiohead and Scott Matthews, Mr Darley’s set is ethereal and energetic in equal measure, delivered via a powerful voice with an extensive range that holds the afternoon crowd’s attention. Another one where I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing.

Daniel Darley played Foals, Be Careful What You Wish For, Love Is Something in Sound, Thunder to Lightning, I Have Only Myself to Blame for Loving You, Eyes, Fire in the Sky, Sense and My Only Disciple’s The Sun.

The Peer Hat – Picture Nova

Next, we take in Manchester-based Picture Nova, originally comprising Daneel (lead guitar), Brad (drums) and Callum (bass), who set out on a five-year mission (well, OK, not THAT long) to seek out new life and new civilizations (well, OK, a vocalist), who they discovered in the form of Arthur, who was performing an acoustic version of Starman at an open mic, and who took on vocals and rhythm guitar duties soon afterwards. This led to the birth of “Nancy” at their first rehearsal and the birth of a sound comprising the best bits of The Libertines, Big Moon and Sports Team, but with Arthur’s unique vocal delivery underpinning it all.

Picture Nova played: Nancy, Hate You, Where Are You, Girl, 50Years, I Can’t Talk to You Anymore and Look at Me.

AATMA – Concrete Club

Another band new to us are Concrete Club, who are standing in for Baboon Room, who sadly haven’t been able to make it today. Formed in Manchester in 2022, they are Jonny Brewster on bass and vocals, Kallum Delf and Jamie Butterworth on guitars and Jonny McGill on drums. Blending elements of indie pop and hard rock, they’ve developed organically, starting off with Kallum and Jonny Brewster, acquiring drummer Jonny McGill, and finally Jamie who joined just prior to the recording of their first EP “The Riot Act”.

They’re not slowing down any time soon either, with current single, “Latency” already with us and a summer release in the form of “Jackie Don’t Mind” waiting in the wings to drop some summery indie pop goodness.  They’re introduced by the inimitable Mr Horner with the statemen, “if you don’t like poems, you will in one and a half fcuking minutes!” before he delivers another masterwork. Concrete Club are a powerful and dramatic live proposition indeed with frontman Jonny a compelling frontman, both visually and vocally.

Concrete Club played: Eat Your Own, The Riot Act, Riverswimmin’, Jackie Don’t Mind, Latency, Get Out of Here and All the Bombs.

The Peer Hat  – Jacob Reddy

Jacob Reddy’s band comprises Liam Farrell on lead guitar, Theo Brocklebank on bass, Liam Riley on drums and Jacob himself on rhythm guitar and vocals. Fresh from playing Glastonbury last year as a solo artist, in addition to supporting The Lottery Winners (they get around, don’t they?), James Walsh from Starsailor, Pet Needs and The (Beautiful) South and playing pre and mid match to over 5000 people at Leigh Leopards’ stadium last September, so this afternoon’s gig holds no fears for them at ALL!

Their set is a glorious guitar driven romp complemented by Jacob’s lush vocals, as he draws the crowd into his world, engaging with us in between songs while everybody tunes up. You can catch Jacob next (and me too, coincidentally) at Night and Day on the 7th of May, in support of The Camens and at Mews Fest at Lion’s Den on the 24th of May.

Jacob Reddy played Breaking Me Down, Doing It Wrong, Everything’s Alright, Brand New, current single Crazy, Flowers, What Living’s For, Streets and Happy.

AATMA – The Information Highway

A band who needs absolutely NO introduction around these parts are the five happy individuals who form The Information Highway, and who collectively can boast over 30 years’ worth of band membership. We’ve caught up a number of times over the last twelve months (but it’s still not NEARLY enough), so it’s really nice to see Lee “Kyter” Kyte on vocals and rhythm guitar, Lee “Gal” Gallagher (lead guitar and backing vocals), Joe Best (drums), Lee Gall (bass and backing vocals) and Jeff Wood (keyboards) again.

Tonight, they’ve had to be very selective with their catalogue, as they’ve had to squeeze 90 minutes’ worth of music into a 30-minute slot, so you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best of their baggy, Manc-infused wholesomeness.

They’re currently recording Touch the Sky, Won’t Let You Down and Lazy Days (all of which feature in tonight’s set) all in time for the summer. The wonderful thing about The Information Highway’s songs is that you’re pretty sure you’ve heard them somewhere, even though you probably haven’t, pulling in all manner of influences from the Rolling Stones, Primal Scream, Oasis and heaven knows who else, all delivered with an infectious charm that you absolutely can NOT ignore.

You can catch them next at Liverpool’s Cavern Club AND Cavern Club on Sunday the 2nd of June and Lee G tells me they’re even going to put a bus on. Never mind Happy Mondays, if you want the Happiest Sunday that you won’t forget in a long while, get on the bus, Gus – it’s going to be a blast.

The Information Highway played: Touch the Sky, The Game, Lift Your Head, Won’t Let You Down, Billy Liar, Tightrope and Lazy Days.

The Peer Hat – Violet Club

Ever-present stalwarts of the Manchester music scene, Violet Club, comprising Sam (vocals/rhythm guitar) Jay (bass), Harvey (lead guitar) and Hamish (drums) are taking it easy both release-wise AND gig-wise at the moment, with the only thing on their collective horizon being the Feelin’ Supersonic Festival in Norwich on the 16th of June. Sam draws the crowd in with an easy charm as they power through a lively and varied set, drawing much appreciation from the afternoon crowd, with no signs of anyone drifting off for food, even though it’s almost teatime (as we say around these parts).

Violet Club played: Original Sin, Fat Tom, Limbo, “Slow One”, Year Zero, Fever, Lost Weekend, Found the One, Legion, a cover of Tenpole Tudor’s “Swords of A Thousand Men” and a roaring closing medley of Johhny B. Goods, Twenty Flight Rock and Get Back, which I would have donated a non-vital organ (or possibly two) to have witnessed – ah the things we miss when we’re running around…

AATMA – Shrouded

It’s not often that my quest to uncover information about a band turns up a blank (you didn’t manage to find out much about Phil Quin  and the Sigils – Ed), but I’m afraid that’s almost the case with four- man Wigan-based Shrouded, apart from the fact that I liked them a lot and thought I could hear elements of VERY early Joy Division amongst their heavy, doom-laden set. You can get an idea of what I’m talking about, including their singers amazing voice by looking on YouTube for their January Snug Sessions or hunting down their latest single “Lightning in A Bottle”, which was released on the 8th of March.

Amongst their ranks (and I hope I heard this correctly) is bass player James Snow who apparently is, “A youth pastor, apart from at weekends”, according to frontman Matthew Barber (are you SURE about this? Ed), formerly of the band Rivver. He has an incredible voice and on the strength of this performance, I’d go see them again for sure, especially as their guitarist is wearing a DeafDeafDeaf tee, which is always a good indicator, I find.

The Peer Hat – The Marbellas

Hot on the heels of recent single “Count Me In”, The Marbellas (Pronounced “Mar-bellas”, NOT “Mar-bay-as”, just so you know),  have recently announced that they’ll be supporting Apollo Junction in Newcastle on Friday the 26th of April, so depending on whether this review is published in time, you might need to be really quick!

I’ve been lucky enough to have been a VERY small part of this journey and a nicer group of fellas you couldn’t hope to meet. Comprising Brish Harvey (vocals/acoustic), Jordan Ames (rhythm/backing vocals), Matty Cassidy (bass and the coolest hat in rock’n’roll at the moment) and Joe Deegan (drums) they’ve been with us since 2019 in Manchester, UK, The Marbellas and have described themselves as,

“A band that embodies a deep appreciation for all things Northern”, so they’re off to a great start. Release-wise, they first came to our attention with their first full EP, ‘Chains’ in June 2021, followed by “Rosé” in 2022 and the ‘Live at Gullivers’ EP, in March 2023. Their next project is going to be their Self Made EP, which features in tonight’s setlist and which will be delivered more or less four years after their first release.

They’ve come on in leaps and bounds over the time that I’ve been following them, and you really need to go see them if you can, before they take a month off to complete the EP. After that, it’ll be Macclesfield @Mash on the 29th of June, Liverpool’s Jacaranda on the 6th of July, Sheffield’s Tramlines on the 6th of July and The Bolton Food & Drink Festival on the 25th of August.

The Marbellas played: Blink, Makers Arms, Self Made, The One I Call, Alright, Arrows, I Know How, Where Do We Go From here and Count me In.

AATMA – Bones Shake

The auld legs are starting to get a bit tired as we haul ourselves upstairs to take in as much as we can of Bones Shake, and their manic performance absolutely needs to be seen to be believed. They are David J. Brennan on vocals, Andy Sheffield on guitar and Dave Sheffield on drums and describe themselves as a, “Scuzzy, fuzz-enthused garage rock trio, formed in Manchester in 2011”. Their press release states

“They play everything to the extreme – violent, bottle neck blues, drums kicked, pounded and exploited and squeals of reverb-drenched vocals which, when combined, will help save your soul”, and I honestly can’t sum them up any better than that, except to maybe dip back to the same release for, “If Nick Cave and Alan Vega had a musical baby, it would be “Bleed “ – this being their debut album, which was released back in 2022. Their new album “Purge” will see the light of day at the end of this year, and in the meantime, you can catch them, on May the 4th at Round the Corner in Liverpool

I honestly don’t know what they played, I just know that I liked it, and that might just be enough.

The Peer Hat – Black Sonic Revolver

It was nice to finally catch up with Black Sonic Revolver, after they were the only act from last year’s After All that we missed, having had to make time to EAT, of all things. Just rude. Comprising Leon Kenney on guitar and vocals, Joe Thompson and Ian Peacock on guitar, Matt Byrne on bass and David Andrews on drums (but not today, as he was sadly hospitalized the day before the gig, so the set was moved around a bit, with The Information Highway’s Joe Best filling in on tambourine behind the drumkit),

BSR are currently arranging more gigs to promote their new album when it drops with us this summer – watch this space. In the meantime, Leon tells me that it will, “Bring their upbeat, energetic, psychedelic garage rock to a venue near you soon”. I’m all for that.

Black Sonic revolver played: Up & Down, Got To let You Know, Get Away, Time Alone, Rules, the Way It Goes, Sometimes, Future and Space & Time.

AATMA – Chris Bridgett

Seasoned troubadour and all-round nice person, Chris Bridgett picks up his acoustic guitar and takes us on another whistle stop tour of his soul, with a carefully observed set that you simply have to stop and listen to, if you know what’s good for you. If you chose to chat (as some incredibly did), then you deprived yourself of the experience of one of Manchester’s finest musicians, who’s planning on delivering his debut solo album in the next two months, with a single release in support of it before then. There are any number of ways in which you can listen to Chris’s current catalogue before that, and I strongly advise you to do so.

Chris Bridgett played: Burn Your Idols, Ripples, Were You Even There, Be My Sunshine, Love Is Insane, Everything We’ve Ever Had, Summer Breeze, Witness and Golden Hour.

The Peer Hat – Inego

And so, headliner time is upon us – we’re back to The Peer Hat for the final time for the first of tonight’s headliners in the form of (dare I say) veteran Manchester indie rock band Inego, who have been with us since releasing their first single way back in 2011, bringing us the wonderful, crowdfunded “Departures” album, about which nobody seemed to have a bad word (and rightly so) during lockdown in 2021.

Their set tonight includes indie dancefloor track “Turn”, the first track to be lifted  from their second album “Arrivals”, which will be released in May. Comprising Toby Belshaw on vocals & guitars, Pete McKenzie Hodge on backing vocals & percussion, Dan Myers on guitars, Stefan Guettel on bass, Lukas Evans-Jones on drums and Andrew Markwick on keyboards, Inego deliver a barnstorming set that is a fitting close to the day’s proceedings (at least in The Peer Hat). If you listen closely, you can feel the lifeblood of Manchester’s finest in the form of New Order, Johnny Marr, James and Oasis coursing through their veins and out the speakers.

Inego deliver dreamy, gutsy, jangly  guitar pop in a manner similar to that of The Information Highway – you feel like you know these songs, even though you probably don’t (and I have NO idea how we haven’t crossed paths before tonight), they combine more influences than you can count on two hands, yet deliver their songs in a style that’s absolutely their own, that has you listening for the stories in their lyrics.

They’re uplifting, optimistic and downright honest, and again, I’m only sorry that I have to leave to catch up with tonight’s other headliner via one last pound up those two flights of stairs., but I know for sure that I’ll be giving Inego a proper listen as soon as possible, maybe even with my camera by my side for a while too.

Inego played: All Ways Right, It’s OK, It’s Alright, She Don’t Care, Somewhere in the Stars, Your Style Defeats Me, Medicine, Turn, Say Something, We’re Coming Up, Caught on You I Need Your Love, untitled and Unoriginal.

AATMA – Daz Cadwallander

Yet another fine artist who we haven’t encountered to date, but I suspect that’s our loss more than his. February saw Bolton-on-Deane (that’s near Sheffield in YORKSHAH, for those of us from this side of t’Pennines) born Daz headlining Sheffield’s Leadmill in February, then back there in March again to supporting Dodgy, so he clearly has nothing to prove and hopefully he’s probably still on a high from that, which bodes well for the hardy gig goers who’ve been here since just after midday.

Backed by his live band of Matt Neilson o drums, Sam Brunt on lead guitar and Kat Whiteway on bass, Daxz is planning on delivering  a new track in the next few months, leading up to his first proper EP, before embarking on a festival-filled summer and a mini tour towards the end of the year. Tonight’s triumphant set is a thing of joy, delivered by an artist at the top of his game who clearly has no intention of stopping any time soon. An absolutely perfect way to end a perfect day.

You can catch Daz next at The Garrison in Barnsley on May the 11th, The Priory in Barnsley on May the 18th, WentFest on the 14th and 15th of June, The Frog and Parrot in Sheffield on the 25th of July and at Gorilla fest in Mexborough on the 17th of August (and probably lots of other places in between, too)

Daz Cadwallander played: Johnny Boy, On My Mind, Do I Wanna Leave, Golden Touch, I Feel Alive, When I’m. Holy Water, At the Afters and see You In the Afterglow,


And now, the end is near (sang Frank Sidebottom… or was it Frank Sinatra..? Oh, blimey, I don’t actually know, Little Frank, it’s all bobbins anyway). All that remains is to thank Owen and his cohorts for putting on another fine showcase of music from both Manchester and further afield. I’m sure he’ll be out in that back alley plotting After All 2025 before the rest of us have made it home! Cheers, Owen!