Afterbliss – Remnants

A band known for their ear-worm melodies that will instantly bury into your brain, ‘Remnants‘ is the third single from Irish rockers Afterbliss, and it completely lives up to expectations. Influenced by an array of different genres, Afterbliss are distinctive because of their vibrant sound. Walking along the same paths as indie rock, pop and even avenues of disco, a track from Afterbliss is always a thrilling adventure fuelled with energy. The first track that Afterbliss wrote together, the single may be new for fans, but it’s certainly part of the furniture for the quintet.

About a relationship which ends up differently to how you would have thought, ‘Remnants’ is especially relevant for the world after lockdown. Most relationships have ended because of distance and no true communication, and this number feels like the soundtrack to that. Quickly becoming their strongest track to date, ‘Remnants’ keeps a fast momentum throughout, and a heavy dosage of anthemic guitar hooks.

Definitely putting their all into every single note, you can tell Afterbliss live for the music. The perfect introduction to show your loved ones the work of Afterbliss, this hard-working single feels iconic.