Aiida – Don’t Wanna Talk About It

Wrapping personal lyrics in cool pop melodies, Aiida’s latest single ‘Don’t’ Wanna Talk About It’ sees the artist explain how she needs space to face her emotions and use this process to heal on her own.

After a year of complete turmoil, the increase in artist’s content covering mental health is something to be admired. Even if the lyrics don’t delve too deep, Aiida’s contribution new wave of openness is commendable non the less. Talking about her latest single, the pop artist explains, “Openness is great! If posting about anxiety, grief, or depression helps you, do it! But I might be at the other side of the spectrum, that really needs space and time to figure out my emotions and ‘pain’ if you will”, (Aiida).

Opening with a simplistically melodic synth riff, the verse sees a limited variation in instrumentation with the addition of only vocals and discrete bass pads. The music develops with guitar riffs here and there, rhythmic finger clicks and warm backing harmonies.

Though the instrumentation gradually builds, the verse feels pretty dry. Though there isn’t always a dire need for complex melodies or ‘full’ compositions, the straightforwardness of the arrangement leaves the verses feeling very basic. The choruses do carry a little more dominance than the rest of the track but still feels as if it’s audibly falling short of something.

The vocal melodies themselves do indeed have a glossy pop approach to them and are nothing shy of catchy, it’s just unfortunate that the instrumentation doesn’t have the capability to lift them higher to really offer something more substantial to the listener.

‘Don’t Wanna Talk About It’ is a perfectly fine, airwaves-ready pop track. If played in a bar or a club, the expectable tunes would certainly keep the dance floor filled, but individually would be hard-pressed to stand itself out from the rest of the evening’s playlist.