Al Mitchell and The New Born Sinners – Rubber for Cars

Rubber for Cars’ is a uniquely forward-thinking theatrical release from Al Mitchell’s newest project The New Born Sinners, embracing Suffrettes infused surf-pop from the 60s, undertones of Beck-ish brit-pop, and a nod to the cinematic in an almost Manchester Orchestra-like way. It’s a release that has got me really excited for what comes next.

The very gradual, but very deliberate, way in which this track is crafted to evolve and develop over its course is perhaps its greatest success. It doesn’t feel at any point that Al Mitchell is overbearing in his attempts to prompt emotional and musical direction, and the nuances in his production shine through in this regard. Whether it be the subtle input of a futuristic looping synth, and hushed and gravelly bass backing-vocal, or an abrasive and staccato ride hit, it’s impact is well thought out and deliberate.

As a piece of music, it is extremely pleasant to listen to. It makes you feel upbeat and uplifted, and with such engaging vocals so easy on the ear, it’s very difficult not to be absorbed by the energy of the song on every listen. It has the pop sensibilities and modern indie core needed to catch and stick. How everything is then layered is what takes it up a notch or two.

Do I have any bug bears? Maybe just the one. One flute-like synth that is ever-present throughout. Perhaps a more dynamic use could have given more room for the song to breath, but that would be nit-picking. This is very, very good. Trust me.