Al Shalliker – The Voyage

Armed with an innovative vocal tone that will leave you wanting more, Al Shalliker is equipped with all the necessities you need for an alternative folk artist. Number one, you need to be able to tell whatever story with passion and deliverance. Number two, use music to explain your thoughts and difficulties that life throws at us, and number three, create intimate music that refuses to be labelled to a specific degree. In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at ‘The Voyage’, a recently released single from Al’s forthcoming debut solo album, ‘Silver Linings’.

Journeying through sentimental fragrances, ‘The Voyage’ relates to some of the difficulties we encounter as we move through life. Sometimes, we’re never prepared for the trials and turbulences, and Al clarifies this feeling perfectly in this folk number. A powerful representation of how we’ve all had to adapt over this past year, this track feels like it could speak to thousands if it just had a platform to preach from.

Musically, the track is up close and personal, and mixes alternative rock with indie-folk, creating a diverse, refreshing soundscape. Sounding like something straight out of the 60s folk scene but armed with a grit brit-pop vocal, ‘The Voyage’ is the perfect track for todays modern world.

Iconic. Warming. Addictive. ‘The Voyage‘ is passionate.