Alan Triggs – Fly Away

Alan Triggs hails from the Northwest, but brings his own mixture of Americana rock and reflects in growing up in a poor area. Triggs’ single ‘Fly Away’ mashes together Americana, blues and folk with warm and nostalgic guitars that just keep chugging along from start to finish.

The song is consistent and vibrant with its undertones of lyrics about being poor and wanting to get out of his town. There’s a desperate plea from Triggs asking what is out there for him which I am sure we can all relate to. In the background with that the gentle thud of the drums that do just enough to keep the tempo going and allows us to pay full attention to Triggs’s voice and guitar playing.

The tone is and style of the song reminds me of classic Traveling Wilburys songs and the whole track has the flare of 60s and 70s Americana rock ‘n roll. It’s an effective song in the sense of its lyrical theme along with its consistent playing and lack of rhythm loss.

As soon as the track finishes you get a feeling that nothing more was required and whilst there was many diversions from the verses, it was a satisfactory listen nonetheless. Triggs’ voice sounds experienced and has a raw Americana vibe.

The only thing that really throws me off about the track is British phrases such as ‘shithole’ and ‘smackhead’ where you get a change in accent. However, the lyrics give you the imagery of the song’s theme. A short and catchy number with memorable guitar playing.