Alan Triggs – The Air I Breathe

Wirral singer-songwriter Alan Triggs brings a plethora of bitter-sweet lyrics and breezy instrumentals in his new single, “The Air I Breathe”. 

Having been described as a merging of the likes of Noel Gallagher and Jake Bugg, it’s definitely clear that he derives inspiration from these two in this track, owing to the plucky lyricism and memorable melodies. The track follows on from from his EP Algy and his single She’s My Sunshine – which are both just as emotionally moving as The Air I Breathe.

The track centres around overcoming addiction – granted, a sensitive subject, but Triggs seems to articulate it in a way which makes such a heavy concept seem lighter. Bittersweet, and hopeful – even. “The tides, they are turnin,’ ” he chirps at the beginning of the song. It brings to mind Bob Dylan’s “The Times, They Are A Changin’”; this being a quintessential, political protest song, stemming from frustrated youth, and Triggs’ track being rather a protest to overcoming addiction, deriving from determination in doing so. 

It’s a juxtaposingly easy and emotionally touching listen, about a difficult yet important subject that is evidenced through the lyrics. Every word is chosen, crafted and executed so eloquently that you get so wrapped up in the mere sound of it rather than absorbing the deeper meaning, at times. Or, maybe that’s just me appreciating it.