Albion Codex – Anguish

This is Deathcore Metal as it should be.

Anguish is the fourth release in two years for Albion Codex. I have nothing but praise for this track as in my book it ticks all of the right boxes. It is well produced and recorded, which is especially impressive for a band that are this size. It has a great contrast between slow chugging and face melting guitar work which I found reminiscent of bands like Acrania. It has really interesting sonic audio effects throughout to keep it interesting, which to me say that they have really put some effort into their production and which really sets it above a lot of stuff around at the minute. Most of all though, it sounds like real high end metal production, and it leaves the listener pumped up and ready to go.

My only critique would be that in the choruses the low bass rumble, whilst being really emotive from a sonic point of view, is a real speaker wrecker if you are listening at high volumes (and let’s face it you probably will be). You have been warned. 

The track features Mechromorph front man Mac Mills, and whilst I have no idea how much input he had into everything, someone deserves the credit for a great track which is going on my Spotify download list.