Album Review : The Slow Readers Club – Build a tower

Slow Readers Club are delivering unto our mouths a pulsating, groovy, and hypnotic 3rd album with fresh sounds, fresh melodies, and rapid innovation.

Opening track “Lunatic” shows the way the band have fused the perfect amounts of post-punk with modern dark-pop, while also appeasing the lighter side of life. The song-craft and dexterity of the instrumentations which loop around one another are abound and define the phenomenal tracks “Supernatural” and “You opened up my heart”.

Their combination of organic instruments and electronic manipulation show this is a band with one foot planted in the past and one foot planted in the future. Their influences are worn proud, drawing out from their geographical contemporary, but also passing along flavours from a modern international repertoire. The tracks are similar, but not in a painfully derogative way like many of their peers. Slow Readers Club have a clearly established and mature sound which could pack out rooms across the world, which I have no doubt will inspire hoards of bombastic and energetic fans.

Having only caught the odd single by this band, and never having seen them live, I was surprised that by the end I was wound up with feelings of familiarity, of homeliness, of a warm and endearing journey explored with a band guiding me through any time I need them in.

A band this powerful, with the ability to evoke and bring out emotional reactions, are the bands I have the highest praise for. Slow Readers Club are the perfect example of a band who can make you feel something, who can compose songs which ignite the active imagination of our brains. “Lost in your Gaze” and “Distant memory” see of the album, it is a goodbye, but not a final goodbye. They are songs which usher in a dawn for the band, setting the stage for whatever may come next. Whatever that is, I’ll be raring to dig my teeth into it.