Album Review : Tom Grennan – Lighting Matches

Tom Grennan is riding the waves of a self-made tsunami, one heading to the shores of pop-music with thunderous pace. His debut album Lighting Matches is hefty, clocking in at almost an hour long, with 16 songs all of a similar length.

Being only 23 years of age, this album offers itself as a sacrifice to the ears and minds of new and old listeners, to the young and the old. It marks his entrance into the pop-world as a contender for global superstar. Though most acts like Grennan release a few samey- albums and swiftly descend into the realms of obscure judge panels and holiday park appearances, the flair and character on display makes me wonder if this guy will take his music further than most in his field.

Each song is familiar, but not the same. He seems to include a wide variety of instruments, “real” instruments as the edgy Indie boys and metalhead elitists both like to say, I wonder if they’ll include that in their blind criticisms of yet another pop-star more successful than them?

Grennan combines pop, rock, indie, and dance into his music which creates a strong album which will permeate the minds of those who listen. The hooks can be stale, but they are effective. The choruses are made for Arenas, but also made for singing in cars, for screaming in clubs. This album ticks all the boxes of pop. It is fun, energetic, doesn’t take itself seriously, but offers some serious clout in terms of what these types of albums are made for.

This album is dynamic, from the title track Lighting Matches to Barbed Wire, from I Might to Something in the Water, there is something in this album for everyone.