Alessia – Heart of Art

Taken from her debut EP ‘Sugar’, out later this year, Heart of Art is Alessia’s first single of the year. An electronic pop wonder and sounding like the lovechild of Regina Skeptor and Rae Morris, ‘Heart of Art’ is driven by a prominent piano line.

Introducing her fans into a new chapter for her music, the upcoming EP’s main theme is love. ‘Heart of Art’ tells the story of a secret place hidden within her love’s heart’, and it’s the place to be. Enduring and creating a ballad style arrangement to its simple structure, ‘Heart of Art‘ feels like it’s waiting in a fantasy land with high expectations.

Creating the perfect scenario that we all yearn for, especially during these strange times, ‘Heart of Art’ is an easy-listening single with a pulsating rhythm that you won’t be getting out of your head anytime soon. Bathed in synthesisers and sometimes off-putting rhythms, Alessia’s vocals are drowned out at times, making the mix feel like it’s not quite right.

Showcasing an intimate side to the songwriter’s usual style, ‘Heart of Art’ is passionate and feels like Cupid has arrived on earth to pair its next lovers. The definition of the love heart emoji, ‘Heart of Art’ feels like Valentine’s Day has come late (or early? You decide).