Alex Bonds – Salvador

Leeds based rapper Alex Bonds releases abstract visuals for short film ‘Salvador’. Independently released, ‘Salvador’ details solitary self discovery against desolate but sensational landscapes.

A visual that will instantly draw you in with it’s mesmerising nature, the video was directed by Leeds based Chris Bromley. Featuring two previously unreleased songs as a soundtrack, ‘How Can I?’ and ‘Back Home’ will be released as singles very soon. 

‘How Can I?’, produced by Folcans, features a cold visual to portray the brooding world in which it was created in. An escapism as such, the ‘Salvador’ short film takes centre stage to make the audience think and even revalue what’s in front of them.

Open to interpretation, lyrically, both tracks have a personal message to it’s core. Illustrating this visually, there’s some shots of burning photos at night to highlight an ending. Musically, both tracks have a hidden urban feel to it’s core, while hip hop and R&B are the prominent sounds. Armed with distinctive beats that will leave you jiving away wherever you’re listening to it, the overall release is human. 

About accepting who you are and being at peace with your imperfections, this release will make you stop and rethink. Following in the footsteps of previous full album ‘The Gritty and Gorgeous’, Alex Bonds and Chris Bromley are expecting to release another project together in the near future.