Alex Frew – Antisocial Love Song

Toronto’s own seeks to expose feelings of loneliness and a disconnect from the world, exacerbated by the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, but unfortunately, I feel it falls short of truly enabling an emotional connection with the listener on this occasion.

Antisocial Love Song’ just doesn’t quite cut it for me. Where I see potential, and where I see an avenue for the track to steer down, it puts on its indicator to make the turn but decides on the same route it was on last minute. I’m not made to stop in my tracks and really invest in what I’m listening to, and yet I can’t quite sit back, relax, and let the story and the message Alex is looking to put across wash over me.

Vulnerability in music is something I commend and sometimes actively seek out in an artist, but on this occasion, the inoffensive and perhaps one-dimensional and bland production detract from the very raw and personal insight that Alex is trying to evolve in this release. When an artist wants to wear their heart on their sleeve and is bold enough to expose it, enabling that rawness to bleed into the production and instrumentation is in my opinion vital to its success/failure.

I don’t have a standout moment in this one, and that’s sad to say, as I feel the vocal synergy between Alex and featured artist A is for Arrows is strong; it’s a pleasant listen, but perhaps not a dynamic one. Dynamism, the ability for a song to fully engage me as the listener and take me on the journey the artist has set out to go on themselves is, in this instance, not quite there. Perhaps it’s an unconscious bias with this genre, but my underlying feeling is that it isn’t.

There are artists and tracks and albums worth of pop ballads that I can connect with and find myself belting out at full volume, but I don’t feel like ‘Antisocial Love Song’ is going to be one of those moments. It doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, nor does it really catch me off guard. Do I have a resentment towards it? No, of course not. Yet I can’t see myself actively wanting to find out more either. It’s a miss for me this time around.