Alex Frew – Get Out Alive

Toronto-based singer/songwriter Alex Frew and his debut single, ‘Get Out Alive’ play on emotions of love loss and teen anguish.  

The 18-year-old presents to us his pop-heavy single that revolves around his vocal styling with a delicacy that reminds me of artists such as Charlie Puth and Sam Smith.  

Whilst the vocals say a lot, the music itself doesn’t with Frew singing over an easy-go-lucky drum beat with the slightest touch of bass behind it. The vocal effort is rewarding and admired, but I feel the track could be something so much more musically, especially in the intro with guitar picking that sounds like a knock off of Creep by Radiohead.  

That being said the chorus effort from Frew is quite memorable and even after one listen, his vocal hooks will be stuck in your head all day. Frew’s soft and soaring voice feels relatable and touching.  

The simplicity in the track brings all attention to Frew’s vocals and maybe that’s what the aim of the track is and that we’re here to listen to what he has to say. The synth in the background provides a simple but gentle layer to harmonise with the vocals and help grasp more emotion from the track.    

The bridge feels like it could build up into a big drop with a bit of bass behind it, but falls short at the finish line and leaves me slightly disappointed we didn’t see a change of the musical direction.   

The vocal synths in the outro are an unsatisfying addition that seems to be a necessity for all pop tracks over the last few years and could easily be done away with.  

A really nice voice and I hope in the future Frew experiments more with instrumentation.