Alex Frew – Get Out Alive

At just 18, Canadian singer Alex Frew is attempting to make a name for himself across the sea with his debut single ‘Get Out Alive’. While its music is upbeat and pop banger Esque, the lyrics are more sombre and take on heartbreak and anxiety.

The music doesn’t feel out of place with the majority of songs in the charts today. It has a simple flowing melody that ticks over with an electronic drum beat that has a stuttered sound. It feels very basic but there nothing wrong with it, nothing feels strange about it.

Again, the vocals are similar to lots of male chart singers, that soft style vocals with the occasional high note to give emphasis on a song kicking in. It’s pleasant on your ears. Which helps with the themes the song covers like issues with social anxiety and heartbreak.

The upbeat music brings in more crowd to listen to the song.

As debut singles go ‘Get Out Alive’ is decent. There’s nothing that jumps out at you yet there’s also nothing wrong with it. It’s just a nice pleasant song musically yet explores deeper themes. It’s the type of song today’s young teenagers will listen to when they are moody and think they know the problems of the world. And we have all been there with one song or another.