Alex Luke – Hideaway

Being an Amy Winehouse ‘Manc’, Blues and Soul man, Alex Luke has dotted his i’s, and crossed his t’s, in his musical education. A graduate of the British and Irish Music Institute ( Tom Odell, James Bay) it was the passing of his brother that drove him to focus and find solace in making music. Taking his brother’s middle name ‘Luke’ as his musical namesake. 

This, his first release ‘Hideaway‘, ‘portrays his development as an artist, while giving a hint at the future direction of his music’. It depicts that first meeting of a new love.

Now, I for a minute do want to be rude here but ‘Luke’ has embraced a style that has almost become incumbent within music at the minute. Synth and Helium alongside almost ‘Akon’ level backing/bass tracks. I could go on to talk about the lack of backing vocals to elevate the track, but as an artist that promises ‘captivating hooks, deep resonating authenticity, and Pop Blues stylings’ I very much look forward to hearing what else is in the locker. It is a voice and a backing track. It sways towards ambiance and there it stays.

As an artist your 3.25 minute are the time to grab life by the metaphoricals and say am here! Save the Sangria Sundays.

There is a voice there, and the education speaks for itself. But take us on that journey and give us an inclination of where you’re coming from. Speak a thousand more words than the ‘Captain Slowhand’ solo at the end.