Alex Ohm – Hours

With a much more dour feeling from the opening when compared to the previous single Going Nowhere Fast, Hours is a very different exploration of losing oneself. 

Where Going Nowhere Fast explored the carefree spirit and the enjoyment that could be had from just taking things at your own pace. Hours is more about the desperate need to escape. 

There’s this melancholic feel conveyed throughout Hours, it’s really the opposite side of the coin to Going Nowhere Fast. One describes freedom, the other gets into the feeling of what happens when the lustre fades from that freedom, when you’re suddenly alone. 

The lyrics, “I’m not alone in thinking I’m alone” are probably the best and most profound on the entire track. This is even displayed on Alex’s plaque in the single’s artwork, giving this uniform feel to his growing catalogue of music, as Going Nowhere Fast had a similar plaque held by Alex there as well. 

Hours is honestly the perfect companion piece, it can be listened to with its sister track or in a vacuum without ever detracting anything. 

The song itself uses a beautiful variety of percussion, guitars, choir like backing vocals, and Alex’s very distinct soothing vocals. With a fast paced feel for the majority, that does slow down for the bridge section. There’s great composition that compliments a beautiful sound that may leave some listeners feeling haunted and chilled in some ways.