Alex Partridge – Your Own Mistakes

It’s not often we get new music sent to us from outside the country, and even then, you expect it to come from our cousins across the pond in the USA. But today’s song comes from the other side, courtesy of our BBQ loving mates in Australia 

Hailing from Sydney, Alex Partridge follows up his previous success with singles such as ‘Fuelling Your Curiosity’ and ‘Like You’ with his latest release ‘Your Own Mistakes’.  It is a great showcase of what Alex has to offer with his signature soft vocals and lyrics that will play with your emotions. 

Starting with a finger-picked melody that instantly relaxes you and sets the tone. Next comes the soft vocals with a slight echo that is a common theme on Alex’s vocals. On ‘Your Own Mistakes’ the vocals have a steady beat to them that then fits with the drums once they enter the songs.

It’s not one that you’ll find yourself singing along to all the words or one that you’ll be dancing about to with your mates. However, this song is perfect to put on and just zone out to the rest of the world. Everything about it from the melody to the beat and the vocals just oozes calmness and peace. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a carefree Aussie like Alex Partridge.

Easy listening while the suns out and you have time to just recharge.