Alex Spencer releases his new single – The Morning Times

Young singer-songwriter Alex Spencer gives us all a much-needed wakeup call with his sophomore single ‘The Morning Times’.

Fresh off the back of debut release ‘Things Just Come and Go’ earlier this year, the 14-year-old Manchester artist continues to showcase a drive and song-writing prowess well beyond his years.

From picking up a guitar at a young age, Spencer has since forged a path of his own in the local music scene; producing covers, busking and now working on his own compositions. Catching the attention of fellow musicians including Liam Gallagher (who described his sound as “celestial”), with further support from the likes of The Lathums, The Lottery Winners and Manchester rapper Aitch amongst others.

While he’s apparently sat on quite a few demos, this second single in particular offers an insight into the young man’s outlook. Lyrically ‘The Morning Times’ is about getting on, getting up and moving forward.

“These are the morning times / You got everything on your mind / You gotta wake up and start again”

Despite these weird pandemic times we’ve experienced in the last year, Alex Spencer is a musician who has kept plugging away throughout – writing and playing as much as possible. And it’s this dedication and optimism that really does radiate through the track. With vocals that are sweet and pretty damn soulful for a person so young – there’s a playfulness there that’ll inspire you to get moving.

“Get out of bed / Get up and shine”

Quite indie in sound, the song is infused with funk elements – it’s undeniably feel-good, without being insincere. Oh, and it demands to be played at full volume.