AlexDrake – Peace Of Mind ft AJ Perdomo

This week sees London’s AlexDrake. unveil his latest single, ‘Peace Of Mind’, featuring AJ Perdomo from the band The Long Summer. ‘Peace Of Mind’ follows on from AlexDrake.’s first single, ‘Circles’ which was a heartfelt, emotional piece in tribute to his late mother.

Peace Of Mind’ sees AlexDrake. diversify his sound, adding more tones to his palette. The track is not only meaningful, but also unique and honest. The blend of nostalgic 2000’s alt-rock with classic rock shines through, displaying the influences of the likes of My Chemical Romance and Senses Fail, yet still having his own distinct, modern feel. AlexDrake. draws influence from his surroundings, whilst he was growing up, he found himself around American folk, rock and new wave tracks, and the emergence of the New Jersey emo rock scene was shooting into the spotlight.

Within ‘Peace Of Mind’, AlexDrake. explores relatable topics which the majority of us all deal with in our day to day lives, like ‘dealing with your boss, current societal stresses and everyday occurrences, yet still having ‘Peace Of Mind’ to follow your dreams and passions’. The track also has a political message, ‘Peace Of Mind’ was written whilst the LA protests were happening earlier this year, and AlexDrake. was one of the protestors, he states that ‘we must combat what needs to be combatted, yet still love and care for ourselves where we can’.

Before AlexDrake. became the solo artist he is today he played his friends in a band known as Lift The Decade, the group had many successful tours before disbanding and it was then that AlexDrake. decided to become immersed in new talent which opened his eyes and mind.

This track sees AlexDrake. flourish, his songwriting and composition is strong and the relevant and relatable lyrics will see listeners in awe of what the track has to offer. ‘Peace Of Mind’ is a stunning track which will help AlexDrake. establish himself as a new, exciting artist.