Alfie Blue – Dream Girl

This brand new track comes from Hartlepool singer songwriter Alfie Blue. Brimming with synth infused smooth rhythms and topped with his dreamy vocals, it is undeniably an instantly memorable and insanely catchy chunk of pop goodness.

The sounds which he pours into Dream Girl are actually very minimal throughout, letting his gentle but distinctive voice always take centre stage. That’s not to say though that the instrumentals don’t offer exactly what they need to, with the vibrant production emphasising the sense of weightlessness in his sound, and providing a cloud for atop which his floaty vocals can sit.

The message behind the song is one of carefree teenage romances. It holds within it feelings of desire, and most of all love, a feeling which he presents heavenly through his sound. His voice, although soft and giving off a slightly acidic feel through the distorted effects, still always feels upbeat and full of promise of things to come.

With this new tune, it’s certainly hard to pigeon hole Blue as just your run of the mill singer-songwriter. There is definitely more depth and layers to his music carrying more towards being a pop star, but all while maintaining a simplicity and rawness which keeps the whole sound grounded wonderfully.

There’s no mistaking this is a song full of joy, and although perhaps it doesn’t feel like this is the time to be full of joy, it acts as a reminder of what we can have, and as a beacon of better times that will return. It’s a song which you can get lost in; it offers comfort and fills you with a sense of hope. In that sense, this is in fact the perfect song for what we all need right now.