Alien Ant Farm lose their shit on VIDEO after fans boo their Michael Jackson cover!

The recent documentary surrounding Michael Jackson is still fresh in all our minds, the controversy rumbles on after the singers passing and still sits with us in many different ways. Alien Ant Farm have their own version Smooth Criminal, a big hit for Michael Jackson and recently played it live at one of their shows.

Marx was at the gig and this is his story.

“I’m Marx, I’m an emcee from Hull and currently based in Manchester. I went to the Manchester date of the Full Circle Tour to see P.O.D as I’ve been a big fan for years, I saw Alien Ant Farm a few years ago and I actually left early. Hed PE came and tore the roof off and AAF were super tame in comparison, I left because I was bored, so I’d never intentionally go see them live.”

“I was actually kind of wounded that they were on the line-up but I won a ticket anyways so I couldn’t complain too much. I’ve always felt a way about them covering Smooth Criminal, as I have with any praise of Michael Jackson. I’m not arsed about any verdicts that have been delivered, that guy was guilty as sin and anyone still denying that is an idiot and complicit, and with the case being resurfaced in the public eye due to the Leaving Neverland documentary I didn’t think they’d be that insensitive. Anyway, they asked the crowd if they wanted a cover, and then said “not the child molester one” and proceeded to cover Bad Brains, so I didn’t think they were gonna do it.”

“Fast forward to the end of their set and they play it unannounced, and I was just in disbelief to be honest with you. I stood shaking my head and this seemed to rub their vocalist the wrong way, and he singled me out saying “fuck you piece of shit, fuck you arsehole, go fuck yourself” and sticking his middle finger at me, so I just gave him it back. I found the whole situation hilarious really, a grown man telling me to ‘come here’ as though anything would pop off when he had a barrier and a layer of security separating us. After they left the stage I was wandering around the venue when a staff member informed me that the tour manager had put in a request that I be removed.”

“I was allowed to stay in provided I ‘didn’t disturb the night anymore’, and I went and watched P.O.D absolutely smash it. The band should be ashamed of themselves for trivialising abuse and continuing to glorify this awful person, especially when they’re going to make a joke about it like that. It’s despicable behaviour, but it did give me a hilarious anecdote to make and it lead me to this interview, so cheers I guess.”

“Your attitude towards victims is damaging, fuck Dryden Mitchell he’s a has-been who hasn’t been.”

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