Aliensdontringdoorbells – Story

Bahamas-based band Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells present to us their single ‘Story’ from their upcoming album and they certainly have a story to tell.  

What starts off with dainty guitar picking fills me with warm reminiscence of tracks like Livin’ On TheEdge by Aerosmith and leads into a powerful and memorable chorus. The chorus provides a resonating harmony of vocals that dramatises the messages the band are getting across. All-round the vocal work on this track is impressive and well-rehearsed, but doesn’t take anything away from the instrumentation. 

If you like your classic rock or what the band describe as ‘adult rock’ which I think is a fitting description then I think the vocals and guitars will tick plenty of boxes for you. The tracks have a flare of pop in them as well with their accessibility and a catchy rock song is just what we need at the moment.  

Story tells the story of life from a young boy to an old man and the music video to go along with the track has a warm nostalgic feeling. The honey tinted colour-scheme and classic Americana ranch look give you the sensation of looking at the past, and the focus on flying with accompanying line “Set me free” gives the impression of moving forward or perhaps dying.  

Alien’s up and coming album, Arrrival, was produced by The wonderful Jeff Kanan, who also worked on the Micahel Jackson Thriller album, also featuring Guest producers, Matthew Tryba, who has worked with such acts as Maroon 5 and One Republic, along with OKGO drummer, Dan Konopka.

Also lets just mention how funky of a band name this is.