Alvinos Zavlis – Good

Independent music producer and keyboard player Alvinos Zavlis teams up with vocalist WAJI in latets release ‘Good‘. Released in the middle of October, this is the type of track to stick on when you’re feeling low and wanting to appreciate the little things in life. Simply best described as a ‘good‘ track, the track was recorded in Alvino’s home studio in Gillingham during the first lockdown in the UK. While WAJI recorded her vocals from her bedroom studio in Chicago, it’s safe to say this track has seen two different sides of the spectrum and world.

‘Good’ features a chilled contemporary R&B vibe, glistening keys, a distinctive message and memorable vocals from WAJI. One thing that the track feels like it could have done with is an extra section to build a more powerful dynamic. Feeling like it’s screaming for a middle eight where everything changes, ‘Good’ is just under 3:14 minutes and is assured by it’s catchy rhythm.

Talking about the message, the new single is unapologetic about loving who you want to love and caring for them through thick and thin. WAJI mentioned that the track was written about a woman who after a hard day, her true desire to come back and care for her girlfriend.