Ambro River – Electrolyte

When the crunching guitar kicks in you know you’re in for a sing-a-long track, and this is no different with Ambro River’s new single ‘Electrolyte’.

This tune can be considered rough around the edges, and whether you see that as a strong point or not is up to you. In one sense, it brings a raw feeling to the song that gives it a bit of an edge. On the other hand, at points, it sounds unfinished and unprofessional.

At the backbone of ‘Electrolyte’ is a thumping drum beat and a simple yet supportive bassline. What draws you in is the churning guitar riff that runs through the track and stays in your ears even after it’s finished. Ambro’s tortured vocals and sprinkle of lead guitar provide the finishing touches to complete the sound.

It appears this song is an honest effort from Ambro. The Liverpool-based artist said himself “Ambro River is not just a name, but a vehicle that encompasses the true picture, the earthiness, and honesty of the musical path I’ve taken.”.

Although you may think Ambro is exaggerating the poeticism in his description, I can sort of hear that essence of raw, earthiness he’s talking about.

Where I felt Ambro prospered in his writing was how he rounded off the song. Bringing in a brand new riff that thrashes along with the drums, it does a really good job of ending on a high to really send it home.

Whilst ‘Electrolyte’ has its downfalls, it certainly has its successes too. Ambro should take this as another positive step in his musical career.