Amo De Viénn releases hisnew EP – Ü, we review

A five-track EP inspired by the industrial sounds of the city coming all the way from Belarus. How could you not be intrigued?

Belarus-based electronic musician Amo De Viénn released his debut EP ‘Ü’ all the way back in July. Its diverse sounds of electronic noise make it into a listening experience you have to sit and take in, rather than sit with it in the background.

Melancholic tones come in constant waves across the EP. It doesn’t take long to work out the mood that Amo is trying to convey, as pulses of electronic noise crowd the speakers.

As soon as the opening track ‘Timeless’ begins there is a tense uneasiness that sets in.

This tension is only exaggerated by the contrasts and jumps in emotion that continue both within and between songs. Amo says the EP takes inspiration from the serenity of the city of Gdańsk in tracks like ‘Gdańsk’ and ‘Encode’, whilst channelling the ‘’industriality’’ of Berlin in ‘Timeless’ and ‘Intercity’. Perhaps this mash of two worlds is what lies at the centre of the tension.

You can’t help but imagine yourself watching a dramatic ending scene of a film when listening to ‘Ü’. On the edge of your seat as you watch chaos unfold.

At points in the listen you get the sense that the only way Amo can capture the listener is through suddenly throwing a big change in volume at you. By the time you get to ‘End of Sunset’ this begins to become slightly tiresome. Whilst this track does see Amo experiment with sounds, using a large amount of synth brass, it would have been nice to see more experimentation with volumes too.

Nevertheless, individually each track holds its own as a dramatic few minutes of music. They might not be to everyone’s taste, but I’m sure a lot of people can enjoy paying attention to the fine details of the songs.

When Amo was interviewed by RGM, he expressed his interest in moving to the UK one day. Hopefully, that means we’ll hear more and more from the musician, and get to see what else he can do.

For now, all you can do is listen to ‘Ü’ and wait.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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