Amongst Echoes: Rainy Weather

Indie bands have become very interchangeable over the years. On one side, you’ve got the Oasis clones with loud Britpop riffs and massive bucket hats. Then you’ve got the acoustic wallflowers, who warble about how sad they feel. And then there are the jangly, melodic bands who owe their sound to Johnny Marr. Somewhere in all of that, is Amongst Echoes second single “Rainy Weather”. 

There’s a lot jingly-jangly guitar lines, fast-paced drums, methodical bass grooves and heartfelt vocals sung in a strong local accent. But thankfully, there are a few touches in this single to help the band standout a little more from the pack.

The soft harmonised voices backing the instrumentation lend the song an ethereal quality you wouldn’t normally find in tunes like this. The short changes in the breaks just before the chorus add an interesting change of pace, suggesting there are other avenues for Amongst Echoes to explore if they choose to. 

As this is only their second single, the band still has a lot to work on. This track is nothing you haven’t heard before, and so they’ll need something to help them stand out. Also, the vocals feel like they’re reaching for heights rather than hitting them. All that said, as an early showcase of what they’re capable of, you could do a lot worse.