An Interview with Steel Trees – The answer to question 6 is a peach!

Steel Trees are a “pure rocking filth” band from South Yorkshire out to get you. There fusion of Grunge, Alt-Rock, metal, and psychedelic goodness should melt your brains and set your hearts on fire.

Today, we sat down with the band and asked them some very important questions.

You’re called Steel Trees. Where do these types of trees grow?

Tom (Vocals/Guitar) – In a coal mine.

Dog (Drums) – In old coal mines.

Irwin (Bass) – In the cold industrial north.

What drives you as a band?

Dog – The free sex and drugs on our rider (obviously none of which is true but that’s what I’m aiming towards).

Tom – Depends how much petrol money we get at gigs. Normally we take it in turns….ahem.

Describe the term “Indie bands”. Are you an Indie band?

Irwin – If you take ‘indie’ to be independent, then yeah, we’re indie as fuck. But indie seems to mean shit like The Courteeners these days, and I don’t want lumping in with that bollocks.

Dog – Indie bands are just scenesters now, nothing like when indie first started. Are we fuck indie!!

What was your favourite subject in school?

Dog – Science. Just because I wanted to finger the teacher!

Tom – Music of course. Pretty much ‘wagged’ every other lesson to get stoned.

Irwin – Don’t listen to these reprobates, education is important. Stay in school kids!

Explain to us what your new release means to STEEL TREES.

Tom – No fucking messing, no gimmicks.

Irwin – New beginnings. A starting point towards something bigger.

Dog – It means people can actually finally get to listen to decent music!

Why do you think working class people are so divided on issues these days?

Dog – Because all politicians are crooked as fuck and use newspapers to divide everyone. People believe utter bullshit, but what bullshit is truer than the other bullshit?

Irwin – It’s not just the working classes though is it? Everyone is divided, I think in part because of social media and internet comment culture. There’s no middle ground anymore, you either love something or hate it. Subtlety has gone out the window and it’s about who shouts loudest. Then there’s a handful of populist politicians who have manipulated the way people are feeling and stoked hatred and division.

Do you think music is politically charged anymore? Are the bands wasting their platforms by not being political?

Irwin – Tough one. On one hand, musicians are not political experts so should we be relying on them to help us make our decisions? But on the other hand, I think if you’re in the public eye you have a responsibility to speak up. I think you have to have a political stance these days. Look at Taylor Swift, she kept her political leanings to herself for years in the interest of record sales, but even she’s come out in opposition to Trump and the Republicans now.

Dog – It’s too ‘PC’ now to express an opinion or to wave in the favour of the left or right. Everyone digs music no matter what your political feelings, but picking a side and shouting your mouth off about it could lose you some fans. I wouldn’t mind if a few tories stopped listening to us though.

Who has been the biggest influence on your musical life, be it someone you know or a famous role-model? 

Dog – My Dad for letting us turn his garage into our first practice room!

Irwin – My Grandma always encouraged me to play music, Kurt Cobain and Joe Strummer made me want to be in a band.

What do you do then you’re by yourself?


Irwin – I’m married with 3 kids, I’m NEVER by myself.

 If you could go back to the very moment you learnt your instrument, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Irwin – Get a proper job.

Dog – Don’t believe the music industry.

If you could delete one band from the history of the Universe, who would it be & why?

Dog – The Sherlocks. Utter fucking garbage.

Irwin – The La’s. Absolute overrated shit, and if the La’s didn’t exist then neither would Cast, and the world would be a better place.

Dog – Aw, I quite like Cast.

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most?

Tom – Each other.

Dog – The Sherlocks.

Irwin – The fact that Dog likes Cast. Also, the exhaust has fallen off my car.

Do you have any live shows coming up? 

Irwin – Yeah, we’re off on tour throughout December with my old Black Spiders bandmate Pete Spiby and his solo project. Should be a laugh.

December 7 – York Fulford Arms

December 8 – Exeter Cavern

December 13 – Birmingham Sunflower Lounge

December 14 – Sheffield Royal Standard

December 15 – Worksop Frog & Swan

December 16 – London Camden Black Heart

Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson?

Dog – JC all the way!

Tom – Boris Johnson getting f***** up the a***  by a kangaroo.

Irwin – Sign me up to the Corbyn fan club. Little known fact, I stood in Doncaster town centre campaigning for Jezza when he faced his leadership challenge the other year.

What’s the best biscuit?

Dog – A toss up between custard creams and malted milks. So I put them both together.

Tom – We all fully agree that a malted milk is the best.

Irwin – No we don’t, they’re boring. I’m quite partial to Foxes Viennese melts actually.

Where do you see Steel Trees in 10 years?

Dog – Light years ahead of the rest.

Irwin – Embarking on a worldwide arena tour. Going to work in between shows as we’re still not making any money.

Tom – Naked with nothing but sunglasses on the cover of Rolling Stone….or The Big Issue.